Where to Buy Takis

Where to Buy Takis

Where to buy Taki’s may be what you are looking for if you are looking for spicy crunchy snack. Takis, a tortilla and potato chip by Barcel can most likely be found in several physical grocery stores near you. Some online stores also carry this brand of snack food.

Where to Buy Takis in Physical Stores

Can You Buy Takis at Walmart?

Walmart usually has these types of chips in stock. However, if you can’t find this brand in your local Walmart or if they are out of stock, you can still enjoy the deliciousness of this snack food by going to the Walmart website and ordering from there.

You Can Buy Takis at Target

Target typically carries Takis chips. Unfortunately, this item is only sold in stores, so you wouldn’t be able to purchase them via the Target website. You can, however, ask a sales associate in the store if they will get more in stock and an approximate date.

Can I Get Takis at Walgreens?

You should be able to find Takis at Walgreens with the other snack items. Like Target, Takis can’t be purchased online via the Walgreens website.

You Can Get Takis at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club usually carries Takis chips. You can even purchase them in a large pack. For your convenience, you can go to the Sam’s Club website and order Takis and pick it up later in the store.

Where to Buy Takis Online

Can You Buy Takis on Amazon?

Amazon carries several Takis chips. From regular size bags of the chips to mini size bags, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. With Amazon Prime, you can receive your items in no time at all.

You Can Buy Takis on World of Snacks?

The World of Snacks website does carry Takis chips. With a variety of flavors, you should be able to choose your favorite flavors for the entire family. They seem to be out of stock of some at times but have carried nitro, fuego, guacamole, xplosion and fajita.

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  1. I live in California currently and I’m planning to travel to Erbil, Iraq soon and I am obsessed with Takis. Where can I buy them in Erbil?

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