FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Reading Our Shopping Guides FAQ

What languages are the guides?

All articles, help forums and editor support is in English. This page serves as a FAQ for our site answering as many questions as possible. Have more questions? Contact Us today.

This is because of the difference of stores and their geographic shipping and location tend to keep the information most important to people in a language and for a region.

Shopping with Our Shopping Guides

Why is there not coupon codes on this site?

There are not coupon codes on wheretobuyguides.com since there are so many great sites that have coupon codes. There is retailmenot, slickdeals and ebates if you are looking for coupon codes.

This site sends you to the best pages on the best sites that we have found and often there are coupon codes or banners with their latest promotions once you get there.

Additionally with this site being in readable paragraph form it is not really conducive to coupons that would expire quickly and content that would be out of date.

Editors should not add coupon codes on shopping guides as this is not what we specialize in.

Writing our Shopping Guides

Do you pay writers or editors?

At the present time we are not hiring full-time writers or editors.

We do however accept articles or reviews from freelance, outside, or simply readers that want to help others find the products they want at a great, convenient store whether it is online or a bricks and mortar local store.

We suggest not writing multiple articles before sending one to see if it meets our tone and content requirements.

You should just write 1 article with writeup of at least 2 locations online and 2 locations locally that you think are the best places where to buy that item.

How does one become a writer?

Anyone can become a writer on WheretoBuyGuides.com.

You can signup for an account that will allow you to edit shopping guides.

You could as you get more experienced write an article but the format is quite structured and we have some limitations on topics that we do not allow. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Helping our Shopping Guides get Better

Who can edit an article?

Anyone can edit any article even an article they did not write or contribute to before.

You just need to signup for an account and find the article you wish to edit. All articles are in the posts section. Searching for the product name on top right is fastest way to find something.

What topics are not allowed?

There are a few topics that we are not currently allowing on Wheretobuyguides.com.

They include:
Alcoholic drinks
Adult Products
Prescription Drugs
Illegal Drugs or any Paraphernalia

Please do not write on any of the above topics. If you feel strongly that we should include one of the above please comment below.

Founders, Company, and Media Requests

How does this site make money?

This site currently is a labor of love. There is no money making content or links on the site. In the future we might look to make money in ways that does not interfere with having the best bias-free shopping guides. We hope you liked this FAQ and bookmark our site!