Where to Buy Powerball Tickets

Where to Buy Powerball Tickets

Last updated on July 15th, 2023

If it is getting close to the drawing time you may be wondering where to buy Powerball tickets so you have a chance. Who wouldn’t want to play the powerball and have a chance to win thousands, if not millions of dollars? Although the places to purchase Powerball tickets is somewhat limited, you can still obtain them most likely within 1 mile of where you are now if you live in a state where they are sold.

Get them at most Convenience Stores

You can buy Powerball tickets at most convenience stores including 7/11, Circle K and most neighborhood stores. The tickets are behind the counter, so you would have to go to the cashier and tell them you would like to purchase one. The machine where you can scan your past tickets to see if they are winners might be on the counter where you can use it. Also the pencils and forms for picking numbers might be where you can get to them.

You Can Buy Powerball Tickets at Grocery Stores

Most larger chain grocery stores allow you to purchase Powerball tickets. You would need to find the customer service desk and let them know you would like to purchase the Powerball ticket. Typically, you need cash as a payment method as credit cards or checks are not acceptable.

Can I Get Powerball Tickets at Gas Stations?

You can usually purchase Powerball tickets at gas stations including Exxon, Hess etc. Like other convenience stores and gas stations, you will need to find the cashier and have your cash in hand to purchase a powerball ticket. You can choose the $1 ticket or the ones that cost more, allowing you to have more chances of winning.

Where to Buy Powerball Tickets Across the USA

There is an official website for the Powerball Lottery which has a Powerball Locator Page that has a map with the 44 states that sell Powerball Tickets. Since each state has separate laws and probably has their owns state lottery there are separate websites for each state. But from the above page you can open the website of your state and enter your address and/or zip code to find the closest convenience, grocery or gas station near you.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Powerball Tickets and can find where to get a ticket before the drawing Wednesday or Saturday night. For more money related blogposts please see the main category.





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