Where to Buy Oxtail

Where to Buy Oxtail Meat

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023

Oxtail meat is a popular ingredient in several soup and stew recipes in West Indian, Russian, South American, Italian, Korean, Cuban, and West African cuisines. It’s generally easy to clean for preparation, and makes for a convenient dish that can be made in a Dutch oven or a slow cooker. Although it may seem like it is not as commonly found as other cuts of meat such as steak, ground beef, and ribs, all it takes is a little bit of time to find physical and online venues to buy oxtail.

Where to Buy Oxtail Locally

Can I buy Oxtail Meat at Major Grocery Stores?

When looking to buy oxtail meat, you may want to first start searching local major grocery stores. Wegman’s, SuperFresh, Acme, Shop & Bag, Shop-Rite, Giant, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s may carry it, depending upon regional preferences and demand. Check online for where your nearest grocers are, and if you don’t find the meat, see if you can place a special order through the store.

Can I buy Oxtail Meat at Ethnic Food Markets?

Specialty and ethnic food markets are usually great places to find ingredients like oxtail meat, since the focus is often on particular or cultural dishes. Visit designated sections of your neighborhood like Chinatown or Little Italy, and also ask around and research online for nearby stores that primarily sell traditional food items.

Can I buy Oxtail Meat at Warehouse Clubs?

Another possibility for finding oxtail meat is at warehouse clubs, or places where you can buy food and household items in bulk. Although they usually require an annual membership fee to shop at, you can ask for a free one-day pass, before deciding on whether or not to commit to it for a year. Google your local Costco, Sam’s, and BJ’s for more information.

Can I buy Oxtail Meat at Butcher Shops?

Check if there is a butcher shop in your neighborhood, or close to where you go to school, work, or are otherwise traveling through. If there isn’t a stand-alone shop, ask a grocer’s butcher department for help finding oxtail meat, and even ask restaurants that have it on the menu.

Can I buy Oxtail Meat at Walmart?

Many Walmarts have a grocery section and carry some meat in that inventory. Your local Walmart may carry related items, such as oxtail seasoning mixes and ready-made oxtail soup. But it does not seem that they carry oxtail meat currently. But there are lot of seasonings you might want when you eventually find oxtail meat.

Where to Buy Oxtail Online

Can you find Oxtail Meat on Amazon?

Like Walmart, Amazon also has a selection of oxtail soups and seasonings available, along with cookbooks that highlight oxtail recipes. Oxtail meat may also be available through mail-order meat companies on Amazon. In fact as of this update I see several oxtail meat choices on Amazon.

You can search Oxtail on Ebay

You may be able to purchase oxtail meat on Ebay, but it depends if there are wholesalers and markets selling it. A search for “oxtail” yields results for some prepared foods like oxtail soup. However more meat suppliers may be added at any time. They do have a lot of seasonings and spices when you do locate the fresh meat you are looking for.

Online Store Dedicated to Oxtail Meat

Whiteoakpastures.com is the online store for a Georgia-based farm that ships oxtail meat via UPS ground, two day air, and overnight options. The meat is placed in dry ice for preservation, with shipping rates also based upon the cost of the order. Not cheap but have some really nice meats including this delicacy.

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