Where to Buy Headlights

Where to Buy Headlights

You don’t know how much you use them, or need them, until they go out. And when they go out, you need to get them replaced fast. That means wondering where to buy headlights.

Without them, you are the road hazard for other drivers, and a lost sheep in the darkness of the night. You need headlights, or you could crash. Or you could get a ticket for not getting them replaced.

So where do you find headlights? Who sells them? What stores can help prevent you from getting a ticket or having an accident?

Here are a few places that you can find headlights for your vehicle.

(These headlights are not the kind that you wear on your head as you wander into the woods at night, or as you go spelunking into a cave. These headlights are those found in motor vehicles, sometimes referred to as headlamps, low or high beam bulbs, or a vehicle light bulb.)

(Another quick note: make sure you know what bulbs your particular vehicle needs. Different manufactures, even different models from the same manufacturer will use different headlights. When in doubt, check your owner’s manual for the correct headlight part number. Or you can pull the old headlight bulb out. Each headlight is marked with a universal part number, making it easy to identify and replace.)

Where to Buy Headlights Locally

Where to Buy Headlights at Walmart

Yes, you can buy headlights at Walmart. Both their physical stores and their online store are well stocked with most any headlight bulb that your vehicle may require.

Walmart sells headlights in single bulb packs as well as two bulb packs. Determine whether you want to replace both bulbs at the same time, or just the one that has burnt out and purchase accordingly. From what we have heard it is best to replace both at the same time as the other one is worn as well even though it still works.

While the different brands offer the same type of bulbs, there are some that are more powerful than others. Some are designed to shine brighter, or shine more of a white or blue color than your previous headlight. Make sure that you are buying the bulb you want. The brighter the bulb, the more expensive they tend to be. If price is a concern, Walmart does carry less expensive, but standard quality headlights.

Can I buy headlights at Target?

No, you cannot buy headlights at Target. Neither the brick and mortar stores nor the online stores list any type of automotive lights for sale.

Where to Buy Headlights at Autozone

There are various chains of auto supply stores in the United States and one is Autozone. They have hundreds of stores and all carry a good selection of headlights.

Where to buy Headlights at NAPA

If you are looking for some higher quality parts for your car you may consider going to NAPA. They have high quality parts and tools and have a large selection. We are seeing over 17,000 headlights at the time of this writing.

You can get Headlights at your cars dealership

Headlights are a wear item and they do not last forever. That is why your dealership probably replaces a lot of headlights and they will have the exact part that your car was made with. This is a good option if you are looking for perfect compatibility and the same brightness as the OEM headlights. Visit the parts department of your car dealership to buy over the counter or call service to have them change the headlights.

We had a previous shopping guide on Where to Buy Car Parts.

Where to Buy Headlights Online

Where to buy headlights on Amazon

Yes, you can buy headlights from Amazon. With dozens of stores and retailers selling their products on Amazon, the competition is high. But that means prices are low, and as the customer, you have your pick of great quality headlights.

Whether you are looking for the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts or something with a bit more shine, Amazon has the headlights that you want. If you want the single bulb packs or the double bulb packs, you will have more than a few to pick from here.

Amazon does have some of those headlights that you wear on your head, so be sure to use the filters on the side to get rid of the products you aren’t looking for. Also, if you aren’t wanting a certain type of headlight bulb, such as HID or blue headlights, the filters will make your search much easier that way too.

Where to Buy Headlights on Champion

Sometimes you just need to go to the people that know. Instead of bumbling around, straining your eyes to see what part number is on your light bulb, why not ask someone that knows? The good people at Champion know what you need, and how to get it for you.

As a parts-supply company, they know how to get you exactly what you need in a way that is most efficient for you. This is why you can buy headlights right off their website. And if you aren’t quite sure which one that is, Champion has a tool that will help you figure it out. All you need to know if your vehicle year, make and model.

But if you aren’t wanting to deal with technology and would prefer talking about your headlights with a real person at a brick and mortar store, Champion has those as well. Located in every continental US state, Champion stores will have the products you seek and people trained to know how to get them for you.

To find a store, Champion’s website has a handy store finder tool so that you can find a location near you.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Headlights and can find the headlamps you need for your vehicle at a store you like.





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