Where to Buy Interstate Batteries

Where to Buy Interstate Batteries

I’m not one to typically spend a large amount of money on batteries for my vehicle, but our 2003 Dodge Cummins on the other hand… that beast needs some reliability when it comes to batteries. Originally we bought another brand of battery.. but in the past 5 years that we’ve owned this truck, we have bought 3 sets of batteries for it. Anyone who owns a big truck, knows that these guys take 2 batteries – so it’s no small consideration when deciding which brand of batteries to purchase, since you gotta buy not just one.. but 2 of them. However, this last time around we decided to go with something that had more longevity, durability and a brand that we could trust.

If you’re wondering where to buy Interstate batteries, stick around for the list of on and offline locations that I’ll be listing below.

I want to share a few facts about Interstate batteries that you may find interesting.

The Interstate Batteries brand has been around for 65+ years, when it comes to auto techs – they prefer Interstate Batteries to other leading brands 5 to 1. If you’re a NASCAR or Motocross racing fan… did you know that a large number of racers trust the Interstate Batteries brand, including Joe Gibbs. Who uses only Interstate Batteries in all of his vehicles.

Although Interstate Batteries cost significantly more than conventional batteries, with prices starting at $120 dollars. They are spill-proof; last longer, have a low self-discharge, can better tolerate deep discharge, and perform better in extreme temperatures then the conventional batteries. The most exciting fact for me is that Interstate Batteries is the nation’s #1 recycler of batteries! Considering that their site states they sell about 17 million batteries a year through over 300 of their independent distributors and 200,000 retail outlet stores… they claim to recycle more batteries then they actually sell.

Where to buy Interstate Batteries Locally

Well, it’s easier to find a location then you may think, certainly easier then I thought it would be. But considering the numbers we just saw above – I would imagine that Interstate Batteries would be just about everywhere.

The easiest way to start shopping for Interstate Batteries is to frankly visit their website and use their store locator via zip code. From there you can find a store near you.

Just in case you’re wondering, here are a couple of common name retail locations that you maybe surprised to find Interstate Batteries at:

You can get Interstate Batteries at Costco

Costco the low cost warehouse shopping store has Interstate batteries and could be a great option if you have a membership.

Firestone Complete Auto Care

Firestone Auto Care could carry just about any brand they wish and you can get Interstate batteries from them when your car is in for service. Their website also has a nice explanation of the 3 different models and some facts like they are the longest running advertiser for Nascar.

Where to Buy Interstate Batteries Online

If you’re specifically looking for where to buy Interstate Batteries online, then I found a few sites that you can purchase them online from.


I was actually really surprised when I found Interstate Batteries on Ebay, be advised not all the distributors on Ebay ship, they offer local pickup and be aware… that you don’t truly know the condition of a battery if you’re not buying it brand new.


Yep, you can find a few Interstate Batteries on Amazon. A word of caution here too, a lot of battery brands call their batteries “interstate”, however that doesn’t mean that they’re Interstate Batteries. When in doubt look for the logo. If it’s not on it, then it’s not it’s not from Interstate Batteries.

You may also be excited to know that Interstate Batteries are not limited to vehicle batteries! You can find AA’s to watch batteries, 6V and 9V as well. Pretty much anything battery related – they’ve got covered.

Hope you found this article helpful in your search for where to buy Interstate Batteries. We would love to hear about your experiences with Interstate Batteries or your favorite place to buy your Interstate Batteries, so feel free to leave your comments below.





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