Where to Buy Hatchimals

Where To Buy Hatchimals

Where to Buy Hatchimals is something many are thinking since Hatchimals are the “In Thing” at the end of 2016. There will be many parents who are stressed at the thought of trying to track one down. Well do not worry as we have some stores for you to look, some obvious and some not quite so obvious . We also have a few tips for you to make sure that you have the best chance possible of tracking down Hatchimals.

Where to Buy Hatchimals Locally

Where to Buy Hatchimals At Toys R Us

Toys R Us is most likely the first place you will look and probably the first place we would actually recommend. Like most places Toys R Us are struggling to keep Hatchimals in stock. But as long as you keep checking back you might get lucky and be able to get one shipped to your house. Or you can check your local or within driving distance Toys R Us stores and see if they have any stuck. Pro Tip! Be sure to check Toys R Us stores that are near family or friends who live nowhere near you as you can order online and then get them to pick it up for you.

Can I Buy Hatchimals At Walmart?

Walmart like the other major stores are struggling to keep Hatchimals in stock. They seem to be selling them a little cheaper than anywhere else. So we would think that it is going to be harder to get one here than anywhere else. On the plus side, Walmart may be able to flex their retail muscles and make sure that the suppliers take good care of them so they may get more stock than anyone else. Be sure to take advantage of the stock checker here and see if any Walmart’s in your area have any in stock.

Where to Buy Hatchimals At Target?

Target do have all of the Hatchimals listed on their site and they are very hard to get a hold of here also. As one of the major retailers in the USA. Target will be one of the first major stores to get boxes and boxes of Hatchimals. So it is worth checking back here every day or so to see if they have gotten them back in stock. Target also let you check and see if specific stores have them in stock. Like we suggested with Toys R Us. Be sure to check stores close to where you have family as they can pick them up for you.

Where to Buy Hatchimals Online

You Can Buy Hatchimals On EBay

As you would expect with any hot item. EBay is flooded with Hatchimals. Double the retail price seems to be the going rate for them on EBay. EBay should always be used as a last resort, but there are plenty on there if you are really desperate for one. One bit of advice we would say is never buy a pre order. Make sure the person you are buying one from actually has it in hand.

Where to Buy Hatchimals At Your Local Toy Store

This one may be harder as a local toy store is never going to get as much stock as a large chain like Toys R Us. But they will still get some, you can be sure of that! Be sure to check in with all your local toy stores. Most people will always check places like Target, Walmart and Toys R Us first. Sometimes you get lucky and a smaller, mom and pop kind of store will have some in stock as people have overlooked them. Also go in and be really nice and ask if you can put your name down and pre order one. Or even ask if they would be willing to give you a call when they get stock in.

Where to Buy Hatchimals on Amazon

There are many sellers on Amazon and that is one of the strengths of it. Since there are so many sellers it is easy to find just about anything. There was some severe price gouging in Holiday season 2016 but prices for the Hatchimals on Amazon have normalized. I am seeing prices of around $75 now.

Tips For Buying A Hatchimal

Be polite to retail staff. They will be much more willing to “look in the back” give you a call when stock comes in and in general help you get what you want if you are nice to them. Ask if you can pre order. Not many stores will do this for an item that is as hot as Hatchimals are. But it certainly does not hurt to ask.
Check if they know when the next shipment is coming in. If they cannot hold one for you. Ask if they can tell you when the next delivery is coming in. You can then make sure you are at the store the day of delivery and give yourself the best chance of getting one.

Keep checking online. Stores like Amazon and even Toys R Us, Target and Walmart are always getting new stock in and updating their site. Be sure to check multiple times per day. Also some stores (especially Amazon) will list when they expect stock back in stock. Be sure to be online on that day to give yourself a good chance of getting one.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Hatchimals and can find someplace either locally or online that will get you this Hot Toy this holiday season.





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