Where to Buy Video Games

Where To Buy Video Games

Video games are consistently one of the most popular gifts to give so you may be wondering where to buy video games. There are a large variety of games, and hardware to play them on, allowing anyone to be interested in games. Even toddlers can play games, as a way to help cognitive development and promote learning. Tablet applications are especially popular for this, although they’re not the only options around. Where you’ll go to buy video games depends on who you’re buying them for, and how that person will play that game. Be careful – you don’t want to get a game they can’t play! Popular gaming platforms include Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and computers. The computer gaming market is especially broad. You can play on a desktop or laptop, and there are thousands of games available. You can even buy video games for the computer and play them without ever leaving your seat, or even touching a physical object. There are countless places where you can buy video games locally or online. The amount of options at your disposal is a wonder to behold. In the past we even had a shopping guide for Where to Buy Cheap Video Games.

Where to Buy Video Games Locally

Where to Buy Video Games at dedicated game store

There are specialty stores such as GameStop in many areas. They are commonly found in malls so you  may have one at your favorite nearby mall. You should check their store locator and see if they have one near you. Searching my zip code I see 4 locations within 10 miles. I know that one mall near me has 2 Gamestop locations, with one at each end of the mall.

Can I buy a video game at another type of local store?

The selection is limited, but you can buy games at most stores which sell electronics. This includes Office Depot and Staples, although computer games are the most common there. Typically these are not the latest and most exciting titles. They may be a general audience type game and not violent first person shooters. Not really recommended unless you are shopping there for something else.

Where to Buy Video Games at Walmart?

They have video games and they are usually located in the back of the stores in the electronics section. My supercenter has them on the side near the home repair items in glass cases. The PC video games are on the shelves across from the console game cases. Walmarts tend to have a limited selection but have much more than Staples and stores like that. They also tend to have decent prices but not really as cheap as you might think. Usually new titles cost $59.95 USD for a few months after they are new here as well. Worth a look if you are shopping there for other reasons.

Where to buy video games at Target?

As you might expect the shopping experience at Target is about the same as Walmart for video games as well. They are located in the back of the stores in the electronics on the side by phones, cameras and home Internet of Things items.

Where to Buy Video Games Online

You can buy video games at Amazon

On Amazon you can buy video games as well and they have a huge selection. They have a variety of physical game consoles, DVDs and digital downloads. You should be careful you are looking at the type of media you wish.

You can buy video games on Ebay

The Ebay auction site might have the largest variety of goods in the world. They have a wide selection but you should be careful if you are buying new or used and make sure you are getting the type you wish.

Dedicated online sellers for video games: Steam

Steam is the leading entertainment platform where you can purchase digital copies of games. You get instant access – buying a game means it’s only a download away. It’s easy to use, has its own online communities you can participate in, and more. They’ve recently added options where you can play computer games using your household television, and use virtual reality devices. Games are frequently inexpensive because of Steam’s semi famous seasonal sales. They also carry a large amount of independent games, which are generally several magnitudes less expensive than games from large publishers. An inexpensive game on sale can easily cost less than a dollar. Steam has gifting options where you can purchase a game and send it to someone, or you can buy a Steam gift card at most local stores. Some video games may come with Free Games and they usually include a ticket in the package for free games of your choice.

For the adventurous and/or patient: Digital Gaming Bundles

There are sites which offer bundles of digital downloads. When you make a purchase, usually you are given a code. You can gift the code to people through email, or print it out and put the code inside a holiday (or birthday) card. One of the most popular sites is Humble Bundle. You choose how much you want to pay for whichever bundle they offer that week, and donate a portion of your payment to various charities.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Video Games and can get that your game freak on with that latest hot game.





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