Where to Buy Grinds Coffee Pouches

Where To Buy Grinds Coffee Pouches

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023

Honestly, when asked where to buy grinds coffee pouches, I had no idea what grinds coffee pouches even where. So I had to do alittle research before I could even begin looking into places where they can be bought. But I’m kinda glad I did, coffee pouches are a very interesting new item on the market, I’m assuming if you are looking for places where you can buy coffee pouches – then you already know about them. But for curiosity sake of the other readers (like myself) let’s give a little background into what on earth are Grinds coffee pouches.

First off, the obvious… their coffee…in a pouch… in a can similar to how you get chewing tobacco. Grinds Coffee Pouches were originally designed as a healthy tobacco alternative for professional baseball players and have grown into a alternative for individuals looking to kick their tobacco habit and those who want to find a healthy, convenient way to obtain fast energy. There are approximately 18-20 energy pouches in each can, which is the caffeine equivalent of 4-5 cups of coffee.

But that’s not all, Grinds Coffee Pouches also contain the same ingredients found in Red Bulls or 5 Hour Energy drinks;  like B-Vitamins, Taurine, and Guarana. Simply pop a pouch (or two, depending on your caffeine needs) in your mouth, you can swallow the saliva – which is essential coffee or you can spit it out. Either way you absorb the caffeine. If you want to know more about the nutritional information or ingredients list, visit their website.

Where To Buy Grinds Coffee Pouches in Stores

I have found that most of your local stores like convenience stores, cigarette shops and country stores will not have them. The brand is still very young and their goal is to keep their marketing focused around people who smoke or chew – especially athletes, so don’t bother looking in big outlet stores like Walmart or Target  – because you won’t find it there.

Can you get Grinds at Walmart?

Not at this time

Can you get Grinds at Target?

Nope, sorry.

You Can find Grinds Dealers with the Store Locator

However Grinds have expanded their availability offline and now have a store locator on their website. Visit the Grinds Store Locator and just enter your city or zip code. Type in your zipcode and wha la! Your local store locations will pop up, with the closest to you being listed first. Near me it looks like smaller independent corner stores.

Where to Buy Grinds Coffee Pouches Online

Ideally GetGrinds.com, is also – the number one place where you can buy Grinds Coffee Pouches online. You can purchase starter packs for between $21-$32, which contain all their current flavors or you can purchase a minimum of 3 cans for $11.99. Subscriptions for auto-ship are also available.

Where to Buy Grinds Coffee Pouches on Amazon.com

Next on the list for places to buy Grinds Coffee Pouches is Amazon, I was surprised to find however that the prices are alittle more then buying the coffee pouch cans direct from Grinds.

And unfortunately, that is it for places where you can buy Grinds Coffee Pouches online.

Learn where to get Grinds On Social Media

If you’re not following Grinds on social media.. you should. They often have giveaways and new flavors. And you can see what others are saying about their products compared to similar coffee pouches on the market.
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We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Grinds Coffee Pouches and enjoy the flavors and extra energy. For more food related items visit our food shopping category.





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