Where to Buy Godiva Chocolate

Where to Buy Godiva Chocolate

Last updated on August 10th, 2023

Sometimes you just got to have some chocolate. It is just so satisfying, like on a soul level. But not all chocolates are made equal. There are some chocolates that have set themselves apart by their unique flavors and exquisite taste. One of those chocolate brands is Godiva. Since 1926, Godiva has been making and perfecting luxury Belgium chocolate and selling it all over the world. While they specialize in chocolate, they also make truffles, liqueurs, and many other delicious things. But where do you find Godiva? For an international chocolate making company, they may seem illusive with so many other brands throwing their chocolate wares at you. Don’t fret, there are places close by where you can get your Godiva chocolate fix. Here are a few places where to buy Godiva chocolate.

We have had a past shopping guide that helps you know Where to Buy Chocolate in general.

Where to Buy Godiva Chocolate Locally

You can get Godiva Chocolate at Walmart

Yes, you can buy Godiva chocolate at Walmart. All the delicious chocolate flavors you crave can be found online or in the brick and mortar stores. Whether you want just a single bar of Godiva chocolate to satisfy a craving or you want to stock up for the season, Walmart has what you are looking for.

Be sure to read all information about the Godiva chocolate that you are about to purchase. Some products are listed as “in store only” and cannot be bought from the Walmart website. There are also single chocolate bars and bundles sold on this website. Some are listed as 6, 10, or 12 packs. Make sure you are buying what you want. Read the description.

Can you buy Godiva Chocolate at Target

Yes, you can buy Godiva chocolate at Target.

While Target doesn’t have as many options of Godiva chocolate as Walmart or Amazon, they do sell Godiva in single bars online and in store. This is a huge help to those that want to satisfy their craving for a little Godiva. For those that have a hunger for Godiva, they may need to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, Target doesn’t sell Godiva in bundles or packs. If you want to buy lots of Godiva chocolate from Target, it will be a lot of singles.

When Target can’t sell you something online, but do carry it in their physical stores, they make sure to let you know with an icon right below the product image. Make sure you pay attention so you don’t miss out on your Godiva.

Godiva closed all their Company Stores

Sometimes the best way to ensure you get what you are looking for is to go right to the source. In the past you could go directly to Godiva-owned stores to shop.

But in 2021 they closed all their stores according to CNN.

Where to Buy Godiva Chocolate Online

Can I get these from Amazon?

Yes, you can buy Godiva chocolate from Amazon

With so many retailers and stores selling their products through Amazon, it is truly a buyer’s market. The Godiva chocolates you are looking for are at prices that can’t be beat. And the selection is almost unbeatable.

There are bundles and chocolates on Amazon that neither Walmart nor Target offer. So if you are looking for something really fancy, or something more rare from Godiva, Amazon is a great place to look.

Some products on Amazon do not include a price, informing you that while they are selling Godiva chocolate, you will have to go to a different website to pay, fill out shipping information, and other such things. If that is something you would rather avoid, use the filters on the side of the website to exclude such retailers.

Be careful with Amazon. Some sponsored ads we see on “Godiva” look like they offer what you are looking for. They do state that they are a sponsored ad, in light gray, but it can be difficult to spot if you are scanning for your chocolate of choice or a lower price.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Godiva and can find these delicious, smooth chocolates at a store you love. If you liked this article we hope you read our other food-related articles.





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