Where to Buy Tea Tree Oil

Where to Buy Tea Tree Oil

If you have heard of some of the benefits you may be looking for where to buy Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic which is mainly derived from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia and its anti-inflammatory actions make it an essential oil which has healing powers to treat minor wounds and prevent infection, one might want to add this versatile oil to a minor first aid kit. There are numerous uses of Tea tree oil that makes it an active ingredient in a variety of cosmetic and household products which include massage oils, face wash, shampoos, laundry detergents, skin and nail creams. Ring worm and athlete’s foot, it softens corns, heals cuts and scrapes, soothes itching of insect bites and chicken pox, remedy for warts and an excellent treatment for acne dandruff.
One Australian legend tells about a magical lagoon in which native people used to bath in order to heal their skin disorders, burns and cuts. The real reason for the healing was that the pool was surrounded by Tea trees and the fallen leaves formed a natural healing bath. The best part is, one doesn’t have to make a journey all the way to Australia to acquire the benefits of this oil. Tea tree oil is available worldwide. Below we will review several places where to buy Tea tree oil locally or online.

Where to buy Tea Tree Oil Locally

Can you buy Tea Tree oil at Body Shop near you?

You should be able to easily buy tea tree oil at the nearest Body Shop. Just go to the given link. There is an option “find a store” this option will help you find the body shop which is nearest your location. On their web page they provide complete information regarding the product from the ingredients to its usage and application.

Can you buy Tea tree oil at Walgreens pharmacy stores?

Walgreens huge chain of pharmacy stores is spread all over U.S.A. it’s convenient to buy tea tree oil from there as well. Walgreens provides their customers the facility to buy the products online as well. They have a wide range of Tea tree oils produced by different companies. So you can find your own preferred company’s product. On purchases above $ 35, they give free shipping. The below web page also shows which items are typically found in a local store.

Can you buy Tea Tree oil at Walmart?

Walmart sells tea tree oil and has a large selection available at stores and even more available from third party companies. You can select store availability to check what can be located at a local store.

Can I buy Tea tree oil at Target?

Target also has a fair number of Tea Tree Oils and personal care items made with Tea Tree Oils.

Where to buy Tea Tree Oil Online

Where to buy Tea tree oil on Amazon

There are several reasons to buy tea tree oil at Amazon. There is a large selection, there is low cost or free shipping, and there is a clear user friendly return policy. Below are dozens of items that are made with tea tree oil.

Where to buy Tea tree oil on eBay

There is a wide range of selection of tea tree oils from different companies on Ebay. You can find sizes from an ounce to a gallon. There are many brands here in one place.

Online Store dedicated to essential oils – Down Under Enterprises

If you want to buy the tea tree oil at wholesale, Down Under Enterprises is a good place to start. It’s an online store dedicated to wholesale organic tea tree oil. They provide full range of wholesale Australian essential oils in the United States from distribution in Cleveland. They claim that the majority of their tea tree oil is supplied from their family-owned plantations in Australia.

Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) develop essential oils that are for spas and luxury homes. As one of the main online direct-to-consumer essential oil companies in the world, RMO provides the essential oils which include tea tree oil. If you are looking for multiple types of essential oils you may want to consider shopping here:

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Tea Tree Oil and can enjoy this essential oil from either online or local stores.





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