Where to Buy Gallium

Where to Buy Gallium

You don’t need a superpower to make this metal melt. You don’t need to be an abnormally warm blooded person to see this shiny substance go from a solid into a liquid. You just need to hold it in your hand. That metal is gallium, and it is one of the most interesting metals on the planet. If you are looking for an interesting metal you may be wondering Where to Buy Gallium.

With a melting point of 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), gallium is a popular visual aid in many science classrooms. For those that aren’t in school anymore, you may have seen gallium being used in different ways in numerous videos on social media.

Science experiences and viral videos are great, but what if you want some gallium for yourself? Where can you find it? Here are a few places that you can pick up some gallium.

Can I Buy Gallium At Walmart?

No, you cannot buy gallium at Walmart. Neither the physical stores nor the online store carry this.

Can I Buy Gallium At Target?

No, you cannot buy gallium at Target. The physical and online store do not have this unique metal for sale.

Where to Buy Gallium Online

Can I Buy Gallium on Amazon?

Yes, you can buy gallium on Amazon.

Because of the different retailers selling their gallium on Amazon, it is a buyer’s market. Prices are down while options are up. You can find gallium in different sized bottles, from 15 grams to 100 grams. Depending on how much you want, you can quickly and easily find someone that is selling gallium in that amount at a great price.

Make sure that if you are looking for pure gallium that what you order is indeed gallium. Some products sold on Amazon have gallium in their title, but are not pure gallium. Read the product content lists carefully before you buy.

Other Online Option #1: Solution Materials

For those that are looking to acquire some gallium for more research purposes, like a science teacher, another great place to find this unique metal is at Solution Materials, LLC.

This online store has all the element metals that you could want for small experiments and displays in your classroom. Whether it is just gallium you are interested in, or other metals. Solution Materials has it. They can provide you with as little or as much as you want, in 15 gram plastic bottles or in 1 kilogram. While the prices go up depending on the quantity, the quality is the same no matter what.

Other Online Option #2: RotoMetals

Another option for buying gallium, in small or large quantities, is RotoMetals.

They have the same pure, melting in your hand metal as everyone else. But they tend to have sales where other websites may not. At the time of this posting, RotoMetals does have gallium on sale, in all quantity sizes. Sales may sound like a strange thing to have on metals like gallium, but when it means saving hundreds of dollars, you can’t go wrong with RotoMetals.

I hope you found this article helpful in searching for Where to Buy Gallium and can find this fascinating metal at a store you like.





3 responses to “Where to Buy Gallium”

  1. arul

    where to buy gallium?…urgent..can I find it at hardware?

    1. No a normal hardware store will not have it.

      The 3 blue links above for online purchase are your best bet in a hurry.

    2. Anthony

      Rotometals has the best price as of 6/21/2020 for Gallium. Most other elements are priced well but Indium is surprisingly over-priced compared to Luciteria.

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