Where to Buy Gold

Where To Buy Gold

Most people searching for Where to buy Gold know at least a little bit about investing in gold and are probably a first-time investor. So I think you’ll find this article helpful to your investing experience. If you haven’t already determine why you are wanting to buy gold, consider this option. Maybe you’re looking to hedge financial uncertainty or capitalize on price movement with contemporary gold coins.

I will provide a list of places that you can buy either gold coins or gold bars. But before I get into that I want to recommend several informative articles. It’s important to understand and learn about gold investing prior to doing so.

USGold.com recommends that you invest between 10% – 30% of your assets in gold. This website has a lot of informative articles about investing in gold and answers a lot of beginner questions. https://www.usagold.com/cpm/goldhelp.html

Ok, so let’s get to the fun part… where to buy gold.

Where to Buy Gold Locally

You can buy Gold at Coin Shops

Let’s talk briefly about buying gold locally… coin shops. Their biggest market for most of the things they sell is for people that want collectible coins of various types. People that collect coins may have an interest like wheat pennies, silver nickels or Liberty Dimes. They most likely are not buying  the coin to use as cash or to barter with. So the prices and types of solid gold coins is limited and often much higher over spot cost. But I do recommend visiting a coin shop if none other then the experience. In most cities you can find a coin shop on sites like Yelp in Los Angeles. You can change the city name to your city easily.

You might find Gold Coins at Pawn Shops

Although you can find coins at pawn shops and maybe even antique shops (if you hunt long enough), I don’t recommend pawn shops or antique shop based on the fact of their markups. They often have prices that are very high as people that shop at pawn shops are not picky and buy used tools etc and may be trading their items for gold or silver coins.

Where to Buy Gold Online

First you may want to look at a free gold investing guide at USGoldBureau.com
First thing on their site you will notice a free gold investing guide, you can speak to someone on the phone, as well as scroll through their various investing options. There’s a section designated for gold and a plethora of available gold investment options, such as bullion, bars, ect.

Where to Buy Gold at Apmex Direct Site

Apmex is one of the most highly recommended sites from Forbes to buy gold from. You can choose from a variation of gold; jewelry, US or other country coins, medieval coins, bars and more. They even have a clearance area. You can buy individually or in bulk directly from their site.


Yes you can buy gold on Ebay. Some of the bigger sellers have gold products here like APMEX sells at their website but also sell on Ebay. It is easy to filter for the size gold coin you want on the left navigation like if you want to buy a 1 ounce coin.
You can also do an Ebay search for vintage coins or old coins, but you gotta know what to look for when looking through the listings before you buy. So if that’s the route you wanna pursue… you may want to consider getting some books on how to invest in vintage coins or old coin collecting.


SDBullion claims to have the best prices for buying gold and as far as I can tell, they’re right. They have a very good selection of gold buying options to choose from.


Part of Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets, Scotia Mocatta is a global leader in precious and base metals trading, finance and physical metal distribution, with roots dating back to 1671. The Mocatta® name has been synonymous with bullion for over three centuries and is known as one of the world’s top bullion dealers. They have a good selection of large gold bars or bulk gold coins.

Where to Buy Gold at JM Bullion

Another option is JM Bullion which seems to have an amazing selection of gold coins from many countries. You can get uncirculated coins in sealed wrappers and even older coins.

Where to Buy Gold at Liberty Gold and Silver

Liberty Gold and Silver has a selection of Gold Silver and other precious metals in coin, 1 ounce bar, 1 kilogram bars and 1000 ounce bars. They seem to have very good prices and are at the time of this writing about in the middle of the prices for online gold sellers.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Gold and can find the precious gold coins, bars or bullion you are looking for.





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