Where to Buy Frosty Paws

Where to Buy Frosty Paws

If you are looking for a cool treat for your dog you may be wondering Where to Buy Frosty Paws. So, it’s beginning to warm up outside and it’s time to ease up on the layered clothing and break out the soothing, cold, treats to help ease the harsh heat of the blazing sun. This doesn’t only apply to humans though; our furry four-legged friends also need to beat the heat. For that exact purpose, Frosty Paws would be a highly recommended option. This is not only a cool ice cream treat for our pets, but it also is made by one of the most trusted names in the doggy business, Purina.

Benefits of Frosty Paws

This savory treat not only brings a relieving sensation to your pet, but it also is packed with maximum protein, vitamin, and minerals that are essential to the health of our pets. Being that dogs are lactose intolerant, for this reason, frosty paws do not contain lactose at all. Furthermore, frosty paws contain no added sugar, flavors, or colors and you have the original vanilla flavor or peanut flavor to choose from. These flavorful treats are also high in protein, which is good for your pet!

Where to Buy Frosty Paws Locally

Where to Buy Frosty Paws at Walmart

Frosty Paws can be purchased at your local Walmart retail stores. Then, of course, the delicious doggy treats can also be purchased on their home site. But you can select what is in stock at a local store to you.

You can get Frosty Paws at Target

There seems to be some versions that are in stock at local Targets. They are in the few frozen cases in the human food section.

More Info at the Official Manufacturers website

FrostyPawTreats is the official website. The ability to locate a local grocery store that carries Frosty Paws is right at your fingertips. You can quickly and easily locate a store by simply visiting the brand’s Facebook page and entering your zip code and the mileage radius you would like to search. The stores will populate instantaneously. The Facebook page also allows you to get personal with the company, share photos of your pup enjoying the tasty treat, and even meet Frosty the dog!

Where to Buy Frosty Paws Online

Where to buy Frosty Paws on Amazon

The popular online retailer, Amazon, sells the dog treat, unfortunately, the site states that the item is currently unavailable. They do offer you the option of being emailed when the product becomes available.

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    Looking for Frosty Paws in Beavercreek, Ohio (near Dayton).

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