Where to Buy Halo Top

Where to Buy Halo Top

With summer upon us, and sunshine beaming down late into the night, there are few things that will take the heat away like ice cream. That cold creamy treat, whether in a cone or a dish, satisfies the soul in more ways than one. But just because you need to cool down, or want your soul to be satisfied, it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your waist line. That is where Halo Top, the delicious low fat ice cream comes in. Rescuing those that want a milk based, refreshing summer treat who may be wondering Where to Buy Halo Top.

But where does one find Halo Top ice cream? How close are you to a soul satisfying, summer treat? Closer than you might think.

Here are a few places to consider when wanting to buy Halo Top Low Fat Ice Cream:

Where to Buy Halo Top Locally

Can I Buy Halo Top Low Fat Ice Cream At Walmart?

Yes, you can buy Halo Top Low Fat Ice Cream at Walmart. All of the Halo Top flavors, in 1 pint containers, are available in physical Walmart stores. Some stores will carry more or less depending on location and size of the Walmart.

No 1 pint containers are available to buy online, however, if you want to buy Halo Top in bulk or mass quantities, Walmart can make it happen. Available in a case of eight 1-pint containers, Walmart’s online store will sell you and ship Halo Top Low Fat Ice Cream to a store near you or right to your door. Check for availability of the flavor you want before ordering, as not all the Halo Top flavors are listed on their website.

Can I Buy Halo Top Ice Cream At Target?

Yes, you can buy Halo Top Low Fat Ice Cream at Target. Target may not have all the Halo Top flavors, but they should have Sea Salt Caramel, Peanut Butter Cup, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Vanilla Bean, Mint Chip, and Chocolate. That is according to the Target website, so most physical locations should carry at least these few flavors of Halo Top.

The Target website does show these flavors on their website, however, you cannot buy them from the website. While they do have Halo Top listed as part of the Target store inventory, it is listed as “in store only” or “not eligible for shipping”.

Whole Foods carries Halo Top

Whole Foods has a lot of niche, organic or low calorie versions of grocery staples. And low calorie and low fat ice cream is no different. I noticed Halo Top and a lot of other diet ice creams last time I was there.

Where to Buy Halo Top Online

Can I Buy Halo Top Low Fat Ice Cream on Amazon? No, you cannot buy Halo Top Ice Cream from Amazon. We cannot tell you exactly why, but it is not available at all. This may be because it is frozen and does not store or ship well.

Store Locator on Official Halo Top Website

Why not go to the source for your Halo Top Low Fat Ice Cream?
With Halo Top’s website, all the delicious flavors are available to you. However, you can’t buy them directly from Halo Top. This is a strange set up, as most retailers sell their own product from their website. That being said, Halo Top does have a way to help you find their coveted treat. They have a Store Finder section of their website dedicated to finding a physical store close to you that is selling Halo Top Low Fat Ice Cream.

While a Store Finder section of a website is great, Halo Top takes it one step further and has a Flavor Finder on the same page. If you want Halo Top Strawberry, and you know the Walmart down the street doesn’t stock it, Halo Top’s website will tell you where the closest store is that does sell their Strawberry Low Fat Ice Cream.

Ice Cream Source carries and ships Halo Top

The Halo Top website may not let you buy ice cream right from them, but the Ice Cream Source has that covered. With all the Halo Top Low Fat Ice Cream flavors, this website has everything you are looking for at a price that is cheaper than Walmart or Target had listed. The catch will be shipping.

But don’t let that deter you if you have your heart set on Halo Top. With IceCreamSource’s US-only shopping, you can still get your ice cream mailed right to your door. Whether you get it shipped express or standard will depend on how desperate you are for that low fat ice cream taste.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Halo Top ice cream and can find the flavor you are looking for at a store you like.





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