Where to Buy Firewood

Where to Buy Firewood

If you picture a crackling bonfire on an autumn night you may be thinking of Where to Buy Firewood. With the flames rising up in the crisp air it is an appealing picture. Your friends and family are huddled up in the warmth, enjoying freshly toasted marshmallows and each other’s company. None of that would be possible without firewood. Whether you’re cooking with it, warming your home, or sitting around a campfire like the above scenario, firewood is a very useful thing to have on hand. It can also be good in case of emergencies. During a long winter, if the power goes out you still may need some heat source and the wood burning in your fireplace could very well keep you safe.

Where to Buy Firewood Locally

Can I make my own firewood?

You can, but only if you have access to trees and control over whether or not they get chopped down. Wood does not burn well straight from the tree either, it takes months of drying to prepare it. That is why it’s better for most people to simply purchase firewood at one of the many retailers listed here.

Can I buy Firewood at Local Stores?

Yes! Firewood is often sold at several common places, such as hardware stores, grocery stores, and sometimes even gas stations. Be careful when buying firewood that is kept outside, as it can be wet. The wood can be dried but, again, it is time consuming.

Can I buy Firewood at Walmart?

Definitely. Walmart sells a wide selection of firewood at quite reasonable prices. Some of their web listings are pickup only but some are also available for shipment right to your door.

Can I buy firewood at Home Depot?

You can. Home Depot sells firewood both on their website and in store. The staff is knowledgeable and should be able to offer you assistance if needed.

Can I purchase Firewood at Lowe’s?

Yes, you can get it there. Lowe’s stocks firewood in store and on their website.

Where to Buy Firewood Online

Can I buy firewood at Amazon.com?

Yes, you can. Firewood is sold on Amazon’s website in a range of price points. Their prime service allows you to receive the wood in only two days.

Are there stores dedicated to firewood specifically?

There are. Both tinderpro.com and firewood-for-life.com allow you to purchase firewood online in bulk. There are also many other firewood stores online that only ship to their own geographic areas.

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