Where to Buy Real Christmas Trees

Where to Buy Real Christmas Trees

Many people when looking to set a real Christmas presence may be thinking where to Buy Real Christmas Trees. In the past we had an article on Where to Buy an Articial Christmas Tree. There’s nothing more magical than coming down the stairs Christmas morning to discover neatly wrapped presents under a real Christmas tree. The smell of fresh pine and the beautifully lit colored lights add to the holiday feel. When your family is ready to decorate the living room with a real Christmas tree, you’ll want to consider to buy locally or at an online store.

Top Picks Where to Buy Real Christmas Trees Locally

#1 – Real Christmas Trees from an independent seller

Every year there are small independent Christmas Tree Sellers that set up selling booths in neighborhoods all across the country. They probably do not have big names but simple signs stating they are selling Real Christmas Trees and the cost of an example Tree. This is our top recommendation for several reasons. Your money is going to a local person or family and you can often get the best trees at the best price this way. Also they may negotiate later in the season or at closing time. Unfortunately you have to look for them so you may need to ask around to find one.

#2 – Can I Buy a Real Christmas Tree at Walmart?

Walmart is another top pick since there are so many of them and you probably know where several are within 10 miles of you right now. Walmart offers shoppers two options when it comes to purchasing the perfect real Christmas tree. After Thanksgiving has passed, Walmart creates an outdoor space in their parking lot dedicated to selling the festive trees. Your family can browse the selection and then have the attendant tie the tree of your choice to the top of your car so you can get it home safely. Another excellent alternative is to browse Walmart’s website and pick a real Christmas tree to be delivered directly to your home.

#3 – Can I Buy a Real Christmas Tree from Home Depot?

If you’d rather buy your real Christmas tree locally, head to your nearest Home Depot. Each holiday season, this home improvement chain sells live trees in its parking lot. An attendant will be on hand to help you select the perfect evergreen to display your favorite ornaments. You won’t have to worry about shipping charges or delivery fees. At this time, Home Depot does not offer the Christmas trees through their website.

Can I Buy a Real Christmas Tree at Target?

Target does not currently offer real Christmas trees on their website. We do not know of any Target stores that sell real Christmas Trees. If you do please take a picture or video of it and send us the details.

Where to Buy Real Christmas Trees Online

Where to Buy Real Christmas Trees at Wayfair

Since the above Real Christmas Trees at Walmart were supplied by Wayfair we decided to go there to see what trees were available there and we see a good selection of live and fresh cut trees and wreaths.

Can I Buy a Real Christmas Tree at Amazon?

Amazon does have a few real Christmas trees available for purchase though their website. You will also discover an abundance of accessories that will help you with setting up your tree. For example, they sell tree stands made for use with real trees that will keep your Christmas tree upright and well watered so it doesn’t dry out. Keep in mind that Amazon has a host of sellers and some charge an additional shipping fee in order to send you the Christmas tree. If you have Amazon Prime, you may be eligible for free shipping.

Can I get a Real Christmas Tree on eBay?

Unfortunately, eBay does not sell live Christmas trees at this time. They do supply a wide range of artificial trees that are made to look exactly like the real trees.

Where to Buy Real Christmas Trees from Williams-Sonoma?

Williams-Sonoma sells fresh Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas trees in three different sizes. You can opt for a 6 to 7 foot tree, a 7 to 8 foot tree, or an 8 to 9 foot tree. Each is a Frasier fir grown on a family-owned farm. The trees are your typical pyramid shape and average between eight and 10 years old. Delivery charges do apply, however, you can pick your shipping window so that you have the tree with plenty of time to set it up and decorate it to your liking.

If you cannot find a tree to your liking locally there are companies that have been around for decades selling and shipping real Christmas Trees. Below are 3 of the more popular ones.

Online Stores Dedicated to Selling Real Christmas Trees #1

There are a few websites that are dedicated to selling real Christmas trees if you don’t have any success finding them locally. Green Valley Christmas Trees is such a place that sells a wide variety of real Christmas Trees such as Noble Fir, Frasier Fir, Balsam Fir and Nordman Fir.

Online Stores Dedicated to Selling Real Christmas Trees #2

Another Company that only sells Christmas Trees is Christmas Trees Now. There website is a little dated and we cannot vouch for the quality of the trees  or the speediness of their delivery:

Online Stores Dedicated to Selling Real Christmas Trees #3

Weir Tree Farms grows their trees in New Hampshire and has been doing so since 1945.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Real Christmas Trees and can find the conifer of your dreams.





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