Where to Buy Film

Where to Buy Film

If you like to use cameras that are standard and not digital you may be wondering where to buy film. The word photography, which means “light” in Greek, was first used by a scientist named Sir John F.W. Herschel in the year 1839. It is a strip or sheet of plastic film that is transparent in nature. It is coated with gelatin emulsion which contains silver halide crystals that are sensitive to light. These crystals are what actually decide the resolution of the film.
Over the years, photography has become an art with legions of fan following all over the world. Today, camera come is all shapes and sizes, but it is the film that holds the story or moment in the form of a still picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are three different types of film cameras available in the market.

Color Negative Film

These films are very inexpensive and easy to develop. In fact, the process is so simple that many people develop it in their home or studio. They are also called print films. This is the most common type of film that most consumers are aware of, and bought on a regular basis in different parts of the world.
If you are not a professional photographer and visit a shop, this is probably what you are essentially buying. The image on the negatives is inverted. The process that is used to develop these films is called C-41 which is why; sometimes these films are also called C-41 films.

Slide film

A slide film, also goes by the name of reversal film, will look like a photograph giving a positive image. The process of developing a slide film is called E-6 process which is very different to the process that is used for color negative films.

Traditional Black and White Films

As the name suggests, these films are in black and white and mostly negative films. The process to develop these films is simple although different from the rest. A special subset of black and white films is used to develop them using a process similar to the C-41.
Although color photography experiments began a long time ago, it only became popular and acceptable on a commercial level in the early twentieth century. Some of the processes that were used in the 19th century were very expensive and required special equipment.

Where to Buy Film Locally

Where to Buy Film at Walmart

Walmart operates one of the largest chains of departmental stores, retail stores, and has a massive ecommerce website as well. If you are looking for film you can find it on Walmart. They are showing that I can pick up the film today in my local stores. They seem to carry a selection of Fuji film.

Where to Buy Film at CVS

Pharmacies sell a lot of film and camera accessories. CVS sells Fuji 35mm Film in a popular 400 speed that will work well for most activities you may be filming.

Where to Buy Film Online

Where to Buy Film on B & H Photo and Video

The company B & H Photo sells a lot of cameras and accessories. They still sell film for cameras and even printing paper if you make your own photos.

Where to Buy Film on Amazon

Amazon is arguably the largest ecommerce site in the world and they sell everything from furniture to films, and electronic products to sports equipment. Prime membership will also allow you express delivery and special offers. Did you know that the arrow below the logo of Amazon beginning from the letter A and ending on the letter Z had a hidden meaning? It is Amazon’s way of saying that we sell everything from A to Z.

Where to Buy Film on eBay

There are a lot of smaller sellers that sell on eBay and sell film for cameras. We are seeing some great high quality film that you may not find at your local camera shop but can find on eBay. As of this writing we are seeing over 2000 film products.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Film and that you’re able to find the type and speed film you are looking for.





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