Where to Buy Records

Where to Buy Records

Where to Buy Records may be a question you are asking if you are looking for that warm sound of vinyl. When it comes to storing a lot of songs into one place, you can’t go wrong with an iPod or some form of MP3 player. Thousands upon thousands of hits all there, at your fingertips, for your listening pleasure in a device smaller than a deck of cards. But having so many songs in once place, quality is sacrificed. A record carries a higher, richer, more nuanced quality of sound, and may be that is why many people want to find their music on vinyl.

What started as a ‘hipster’ trend has turned into a rich culture. People want to enjoy their music in the richest and fullest way they can, and that is on a vinyl record. But where do you find this music? Records did resurface from an underground movement, but does that mean that they are readily available? Here are a few places that you can buy records.

Where to Buy Records Locally

Where to Buy Records at Garage Sales

If you have some time to wait or look around you might find some great older releases at Yard Sales and Flea Markets. There are often people who are cleaning house or whose musical tastes have changed and will be selling cheap. Because they are used you should inspect the surface of the album or even listen to it if possible. Records do wear out if played a lot and can be scratched. Looking at them should find bad scratches.

Where to Buy Records at Walmart

Yes, you can buy records at Walmart, but that answer needs clarification.

The Walmart website does show that they carry different records; rock, pop, country, and a host of other genres of music. But that doesn’t mean that they are available Locally. Most are out of stock, giving you the option to order them and have them shipped to your home or local store.

There is a chance that a physical store will have the particular vinyl record you are looking for, but make sure that you are going to your closest Walmart Supercenter. Buy if you would like to get some records today it may be best to look elsewhere for records.

Where to Buy Records at Target

Yes, you can buy records at Target, both in store and online.

The vinyl record selection available in store seems very limited. A Target in a large city may have some but looking at several major releases none of them were at stores within driving sidtance. Some even state that they are not sold in stores at alll. But the best selection of records from Target will be their website. There is a variety of genres, both old and new albums, available for those that enjoy listening to their music this way. Their selection is pretty good and prices are fair.

Where to buy records Online

Where you can get records at Amazon

Yes, you can buy records on Amazon. There is no limit to what kind of records you can find on Amazon. While you can find your normal, I-am-going-to-listen-to-this-record vinyl, you can also find collectible, never-going-to-be-played records. The prices will vary depending on what you are want and who you are buying from.

Every genre and sub genre are represented. New records are predominately what is sold, but used records are available as well if you are desperate for a particular album, or looking for a more reasonable price. Be sure to check out other retailers that are selling their records on Amazon. They may be offering them at a better price than Amazon is offering.

There are other stores online and in most large cities that do sell records, both old and new records. But before you go Googling them, consider your favorite band’s website.

More and more bands or musicians are producing records for their fans as this trend is gathering steam. They may be limited in number, but there are opportunities to buy their album on vinyl and get more memorabilia of the artists that you love. Some bands even throw in some extras just because they can. Don’t neglect your favorite band’s websites.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Records and can find these authentic sounding albums for your turntable.





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