Where to Buy Work Clothes

Where to Buy Work Clothes

Last updated on August 29th, 2023

Where to Buy Work Clothes is a topic that you may be wondering about if you are looking for a uniform for long wearing clothes to wear at work. Whether you’re looking for construction, mining, or even a safety job, you can find several clothing options. Between physical stores and online stores, you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

Where to Buy Work Clothes in Physical Stores

Can You Find Them at Sears?

Sears carries a wide selection of this type of clothing. From their popular brand Craftsman, to other brands, you should find the type of work clothes you’re looking for. Sears is a go-to store for flame resistant and high visibility work clothing. You can shop via the website as most Sears stores are now closed. Though there are numbers of their stores that are closing at various times so you may want to double-check that the store you are driving to has not closed.

Where to Buy Work Clothes at Target

There is a fair selection of work clothes at Target stores for a few reasons. They have many stores and have a little bit higher quality of clothes than Walmart. They also have brands like Dickies that are sturdy, good looking clothes that are likely to last for a long time. They have categories below for men or women and you can easily filter to what is at a local store to you.

You Can Buy Work Clothes at Kmart

Whether high visibility, coveralls, pants, safety clothing, boots, etc., it’s likely you will find it at Kmart. With several brands to choose from, you can find the quality you’re looking for at Kmart.

Can I Get Work Clothes at Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Dick’s Sporting Goods stocks a variety of clothing for blue collar workers, including big and tall workwear, work gloves and hats, work jackets, and more. If you don’t have this store nearby, you can browse through their website.

You Can Get Work Clothing at Dickie’s

There are some Dickie’s outlets around the U.S and you can locate one near you by checking their store locator via the Dickie’s website. Some stores that already carry Dickie’s work clothing in it are Target, Walmart, Working Person’s Store, Country Outfitter, Cabela’s, JcPenney, and more.

Where to Buy Work Clothes Online

Can You Find Them on Hi Vis Supply?

Hi Vis Supply website carries clothing for physical work. Upon visiting their website, you will find a specific section for safety vests, other clothing, and different brands. To keep warm in the winter, they have a dedicated drop down menu for winter workwear.

You Can Buy Work Clothes at Blue Collar Workwear

Blue collar jobs aren’t limited just to men and Blue Collar Workwear website recognizes that. You can shop for men or women’s work clothing on this website. They have a variety of Carhartt clothing for men and women, Dickie’s workwear, Viking workwear, and even more brands.

Can I Get Work Clothes on Blue Collar Supply?

If you’re looking for these items, such as hard hats, bibs, hats, vests, safety lenses, and more, you will likely find what you need at Blue Collar Supply.

You Can Get Work Clothes on Sierra Trading Post

By visiting the Sierra Trading Post website, you will be able to browse workwear by different sections, such as workwear by category, workwear materials, etc.

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