Where to Buy Walden Farms

Where To Buy Walden Farms

Avid coffee drinkers may be wondering Where to Buy Walden Farms since they have a large selection of Coffee Creamers. I do love the smell of a fresh brew and I can appreciate high quality roasts. So why should the ingredients that we put in our coffees be any different? Walden Farms has made a name for themselves by providing creamers for almost all dietary needs. No calories, no fat, no carbs no gluten and no sugars of any kind. So it comes to no surprise that their newest product is Coffee Creamers!

Aside from their dips, sauces, syrups and jellies, you can also enjoy 6 variations of rich quality coffee creamers. Here is the list of their creamers; original cream, french vanilla, mocha, hazelnut, sweet cream and their newest addition.. caramel! They also have items like preserves, jams and jellies.

So Where to Buy Walden Farms Online

Where to buy Walden Farms at Walmart

I’d like to say yes, I don’t actually shop at Walmart so I’m not 100% positive on this one – however Walmart’s website has a wide range of Walden Farms products, including creamers, peanut butter, spreads and dressings. So this leads me to believe that you should be able to find a few items on their store shelves as well.

Where to Buy Walden Farms at Target

I’ve seen Walden Farms in the dressing isle of my local Target, so this could be another local place for you to pickup some Walden Farms products. How big the selection is, I am unsure of.

Where to Buy Walden Farms directly

If you’re really determined to buy it locally vs online, my suggestion is to use their store locator. They seem to prefer to list health food stores first, so I feel this would be the fastest way to find a store near you that stocks Walden Farms products.

As is the way things seem to be going as far as shopping… online is best. You can choose from a much larger pool of items and variations. So let’s look at a few websites where you can buy Walden Farms products and price differences between your options.

Where to Buy Walden Farms Online

Where you can get Walden Farms on Amazon

Amazon.com is going is our first shopping stop. You’ve got a pretty good selection of dressings, coffee creamers, seasoning packets and spreads. Prices are average and you always get 2 days shipping with a Prime membership (which is my favorite part about shopping on Amazon).

You can get Walden Farms on Pure Formulas

PureFormulas.com is probably going to be one of the 2 best place to buy Walden Farms products.They have 4 pages of product listings, with a good wide range of available items and prices are nearly half the price of Amazon listings! Free same day shipping and free returns. Can’t beat that.

Where to Buy Walden Farms at Vitacost

Another really great place to shop online for Walden Farms products is VitaCost.com. They specialize in quality, healthy foods and supplements. Price wise they even have PureFormulas beat! For subscribers you get an extra 10% off and regular coupon codes are available to give an extra 15% off for top selling items. Free shipping is available for purchases over $49. However even if you include shipping cost, I believe VitaCost is still the cheapest site for Walden Farms products.

Which of the Walden Farms products is your favorite, let me know in the comments below!

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