Where to Buy Succulents

Where to Buy Succulents

Where to Buy Succulents may be something you are wondering if you are looking for a beautiful hardy plant. Succulent plants aren’t trendy for no reason. With juicy stems, roots, or leaves, succulents form a diverse and vast group of plants, which offer easy choices for your house. Also, they look quite stunning irrespective of whether you plant them alone or in bunches. Before we look at where to buy succulents, let’s learn a little more about them.

The color variations of succulents seem endless: chartreuse, blue-green, yellow, red, pink, burgundy, white, variegated, almost black, etc. The leaves could be rounded, berrylike, needlelike, spiky, or ruffled. A lot of them have a very enticing “touch-me” quality. Even though there are certain types of succulents which have specific care requirements, most of them are simple to grow since they evolved using special water-storage tissues which let them survive in environments which are dry for other succulents.

Succulents like warm conditions and dry humidity, and even though they prefer direct light, they can easily adapt to low light. They all prefer fast-drain potting mediums which aren’t watered very often. Let the soil dry out between the waterings.

Here are three succulent plants that are easy to care for at home:

Burro’s Tail is supposed to work the best when planted in hanging baskets. Overlapping, gray-blue or gray-green leaves can grow as much as three feet long. The plant requires medium to bright light in order to grow the best. The leaves of this plant fall off with even the lightest of touches, so make show you keep it somewhere it won’t get disturbed. If you move it outdoors, keep it in the shade. Even though it likes bright lights, exposing it to direct sunlight suddenly might lead to sunburn. Yes, plants can get sunburned too!

Christmas Cactus prefers the top couple of inches of soil dry before you water it again. Keep it even drier during the winter. Whenever the plant is budding, give it close attention since even slight overwatering or dehydration can cause buds to fall. Give it medium to high light and then fertilize it thrice a day in the summer using 1-30-10 fertilizers to improve the blooms.

Crown of Thorns is a very popular plant that comes from Madagascar. It can bloom throughout the year with the right amount of light. Its long leaves appear at the end of its spiky branches with clusters of small flowers. You may not even notice them since they are so small. But you’ll be able to see the yellow, salmon, or red bracts around them. When the plant is blooming, make sure the top half is dry before you water it. Do not let the pot dry out completely or it will drop leaves.

Now, let’s look at where you can buy these succulents and more:

Where to Buy Succulents Locally

Where to Buy Succulents from a Local Nursery

Succulents are often carried at places that stock plants and your favorite local nursery should certainly be considered. Yelp has listings for nurseries and reviews from past shoppers there. Here is a Yelp search for Minneapolis nurseries and you can easily change the city to one near you.

Where to Buy Succulents at The Home Depot

When it comes to buying things for your home, it’s hard to ignore The Home Depot. They have thousands of items you can buy either online or at the store (more online of course for most items).

Where to Buy Succulents at Lowe’s

Lowes is one of the best places to go when it comes to buying succulents. They have one of the widest selections around and finding something you like is going to be really easy here.

Where to Buy Succulents Online

You can get succulents from Amazon and they have fast shipping. There are some beautiful combination sets with a variety of succulents. They even have books on succulents.

Now that you know Where to Buy Succulents, it’s time to start your search.





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