Where to Buy So Delicious Ice Cream

Where to Buy So Delicious

With the heat waves rowing in and the cool breeze barely helping to ease summer weather, most of us look to something cold to help us feel refreshed. But not everyone can reach into the freezer and pull out a tub of regular ice cream. There are people that have dairy allergies, sensitivity to milk products, or simply looking for a low calorie option. Should they be left without something cool and sweet to aid them in the summer heat?

Of course not. And that is why So Delicious Ice Cream exists and provides dozens of amazing flavors of frozen alternatives to those who want them. Whether it is lactose intolerance or a sensitive stomach, So Delicious Ice Cream has a flavor that will satisfy.

So Delicious does offer a wide range of dairy free products and alternatives for those with lactose sensitivities. This article will focus only on their Ice Cream, not their other frozen treats.

Where can you buy this alternative diary treat? Which stores carry So Delicious? Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

Where to Buy So Delicious Locally

Where to Buy So Delicious Ice Cream At Walmart?

Yes, you can buy So Delicious Ice Cream at Walmart.

However, if you are trying to order this alternative dairy treat and have it delivered, you will be out of luck. While the Walmart website does show So Delicious Ice Cream in their inventory, they are all listed as “In Store Purchase Only”.

This does give you an idea as to what you will find in your local Walmart store. A larger Walmart center will have more stock and flavors than a smaller store. So if you can’t find the So Delicious Ice Cream flavor that you are craving at your closest Walmart, you may need to try a bigger one. You can narrow to which stores have which flavors with the “Store Availability” tab.

Can I Buy So Delicious Ice Cream At Target?

No, you cannot buy So Delicious Ice Cream from Target.

Neither their physical stores nor their website sell it. They do carry other So Delicious products but not the ice cream.

Where to Buy So Delicious at Whole Foods Market

While Walmart and Target are two big names in the grocery store game, they don’t carry everything that you may be looking for. In the case of So Delicious Ice Cream, you might be better off going to Whole Foods Market.

While you can’t buy any foods from their website, Whole Foods Market appears as a large fan and large scale seller of the So Delicious products. Priding themselves for providing good tasting food for everyone, including those with lactose sensitivities, Whole Foods Market has the So Delicious Ice Cream that you crave at one of their many locations.

The closest Whole Foods Market can be found with their own helpful store location website.

Where to Buy So Delicious Online

Can I Buy So Delicious Ice Cream on Amazon?

Yes, you can buy So Delicious Ice Cream from Amazon, but only if you are looking for a very specific kind, in a large quantity.

While Amazon is known for having plenty of a particular product, sold by multiple vendors or retailers, So Delicious Ice Cream is in very limited supply. Probably since it expires and it needs to be kept cold.

There are no other vendors or retailers selling So Delicious Ice Cream on Amazon at the present time.

Where to Find So Delicious on the official website

So Delicious is another example of a company that refuses to sell their own product from their website. Halo Top Ice Cream does this as well.

But just like Halo Top, So Delicious has a store finder/flavor finder section of their website. Designed to help you discover the location of the closest store, So Delicious lets you search by flavor or your zip code. This is a great tool if you don’t know where to find So Delicious, and there isn’t a Walmart nearby.

We hope you found this article helpful in searching for Where to Buy So Delicious and can find the low calorie snack you need for your next meal.





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