Where to Buy Running Shoes

Where to Buy Running Shoes

If you are jogging more you may be wondering Where to Buy Running Shoes. Several of my friends are runners and so I thought it would be fun to compile a list of places where to buy running shoes from. However when buying a pair of running shoes it is vital to answer these 3 questions before you buy…

1. Do you know your gait?
Gaits fall into 3 standard types: neutral, overpronated or underpronated. A neutral gait means a person’s hips knees and ankles are all in alignment and their arch only flexes a little. Overpronated means the foot rolls too far inwards and would benefit from a stabilizing shoe. And an underpronated foot will roll out and requires more cushioning. The third type is very rare, so most likely you are either a neutral or overpronated.
If you don’t know your gate, find your local running store and ask for a complimentary gate analysis, I believe Dick’s Sporting Goods might even do them.

2. Do you have an injury or are prone to injuries?
If the answer is yes, then you will want to err on the side of caution and buy a more structured and cushiony running shoe to start with. Then work into a more light and flexible shoe.

3. What’s your experience level?
Huffington Post describes runners experience levels as such; “People who are running 10 to 20 miles a week are considered low-mileage runners, those in the 20 to 40 miles camp training for half-marathons and the like are considered medium-mileage runners, and those who are running more than 40 miles a week are considered high-mileage runners.” The amount of cushion, stability and performance durability you will need will fluctuate depending on which one of those categories you fall into.

Where to buy Running Shoes Locally?

You can get running shoes at Runner’s World

I recommend the first place to start is at Runner’s World. Their website has a store locator, with Runner’s Worlds in almost every state -so you should be able to find one close to you. They can really help you with determining the right size, fit, style, amount of cushion, ect that you will need dependent upon how you answered the above 3 questions.

Where to Buy Running Shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods

I already mentioned visiting Dick’s Sporting Goods above for a gate analysis, they also have a range of the most popular shoes for whatever kind of sport you are looking to partake in.

Where to Get Running Shoes at Foot Locker

Another good option is Foot Locker, they offer very affordable prices and a large array of brands to choose from. They have categories for both men’s running shoes and women’s running shoes. You can shop online and then go to a store to try the fit and get more assistance.

You can Get Running Shoes at your Local Mall

You may even check your local mall. Often times there are several shoe stores located in the mall, your area – will generally have a large influence of what type of shoes stores you will find at your local mall. So if there are a lot of athletes in your area, you may very well find a designated athletes shoe store at your local mall.

Where to Buy Running Shoes Online

Like I mentioned above, once you know the style and brand of shoe you want… you really should buy them online and save yourself some money. You and I both know you can always find everything you need on Amazon. But what are the top 5 best websites to buy running shoes from?

Where to get Running Shoes at ShoeKicker

ShoeKicker.com allows you to take a brief survey and creates suggestions based on your answers for what might be the best running shoe for you. If you’d prefer you can also just lookup shoes buy brand name and size. ShoeKicker prides themselves in having the best price for running shoes on the internet!

RoadRunnerSports.com is the world’s largest running and walking store. Fitness Experts provide videos for most of their stocked shoes to explain the fit, technology, and benefit of buying that specific shoe. You can also take an online questionnaire to help you find that perfect running shoe for you.

For the very serious athletes there is Trisports.com. This site is focused around triathlon athletes, providing a wide range of versatile running shoes. They also have an arsenal of articles, reviews and insider knowledge to help you maximize your running capability.

Wiggle.com was also developed for the Triathlon enthusiast, they offer running shoes with stability and cushioned running shoes, as well as shoes made specifically for races or trail running.

If you’re on a budget try Shoebuy

ShoeBuy.com. Is a huge online discount shopping website. They have a specific discounted running shoes sections, they also offer free shipping and free exchanges.

I hope this has helped you to determine Where to Buy Running Shoes.





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