Where to buy Mistletoe

Where to Buy Mistletoe

It might be deadly to eat, but it is the perfect holiday decoration to have if you want a sweet holiday kiss. It’s mistletoe, and for those that are already getting into the festive spirit, this may very well be on the list for “need to have” decorations. So if you are wondering where to buy mistletoe read on. in a past article we discussed some of the best stores to get christmas decorations at.

But where to find this green and red plant ornament? And not a decoration that happens to have mistletoe on it. We want the real thing. Where can you buy mistletoe?

Where to Buy Mistletoe Locally

Can I Buy Mistletoe at Walmart?

Yes, you can buy mistletoe at Walmart. It might take some sifting to find it, but it is there.

While you might not be able to find it year round, Walmart will carry mistletoe in their seasonal section this holiday season. What they have may be limited, so if your local Walmart doesn’t have any mistletoe, or the mistletoe you want, try looking in a larger Walmart. Or you could consider their website.

On their website, Walmart has plenty of decorations with mistletoe on them, but only a few with mistletoe only. With some careful reading of product descriptions, you will find the kind to hand over the doorway to enjoy a sweet holiday kiss.

Where to Buy Mistletoe at Target?

No, you cannot buy mistletoe at Target. Their physical and online store do not offer the festive floral piece to hang in your household this holiday season.

Where to Buy Mistletoe Online

Where to Buy Mistletoe on Amazon?

Yes, you can buy mistletoe from Amazon.

With many different retailers and stores offering you the chance to buy mistletoe from them, you are at the advantage here. Prices are low. Eligibility for free shipping is there for certain purchases. And you can find the exact mistletoe arrangement that you were looking for.

Whether you are looking for decorations now, or at the last minute, Amazon has plenty of mistletoe options to choose from. Be sure to read the descriptions carefully and use the helpful filters to narrow down your search so you aren’t overwhelmed with options.

OTHER ONLINE OPTION #1: mistletoe.com

While a plastic Christmas tree is fine for some people, there are others that need to feel and smell a real pine tree to get into the festive spirit. That can also be said for mistletoe.

Walmart and Amazon may offer plenty of plastic mistletoe arrangements, mistletoe.com offers real, Oregon mistletoe. Picked from the great oaks of the Northwestern state, mistletoe.com gives you the chance to decorate your doorway, or much, much more, with the authentic floral arrangements. And if you want more of the real holiday greenery, they also have real holly plants.

This is an excellent alternative to the plastic mistletoe that looks dead from being packaged for an entire year and passed down through the generations of family. Sometimes it is just best to go with the real thing, and mistletoe.com can do that for you.

OTHER ONLINE OPTION #2: mistletoeing.com

For some people, mistletoe is a tradition. It is something that is always a part of their holiday. Why stray away from tradition? Sometimes things don’t look as nice as they used to. Tastes change. What looks good in the 70’s doesn’t look so hot now. But with mistletoeing.com you can have great looking traditional and contemporary mistletoe in your house.

This store gives the option on how you want your mistletoe arranged. It can look new and work well with the rest of your modern decorations. It can look just like the timeless one that Grandma used to hang. Whatever the reason, whatever the style, mistletoeing.com has organic mistletoe for you.

What makes this website stand out among the rest is that they are aware that you are busy around the holidays, and let you know how long it will take to get your fresh mistletoe to your doorstep. Conveniently located at the bottom of the ordering page, mistletoeing.com shows you how late you can order from, with what kind of shipping, and still have your package before the holidays.

That kind of hassle-free and worry-free shopping is what makes mistletoeing.com a place to get your mistletoe this season.

We hope you found this article helpful in knowing Where to Buy Mistletoe and can find this natural and decorative holiday decoration at a store you like.





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