Where to Buy King Vitaman

Where to Buy King Vitaman Cereal

Last updated on July 10th, 2023

Breakfast cereal is a tasty and quick meal to have each morning. One of the favorite but hard to find cereals to buy is King Vitaman Cereal. Quaker Oats had introduced the cereal in 1968. It has been sold from then to 2019 in the United States. Generations of families have enjoyed the box of deliciousness for years. This crunchy food also used to be a go-to snack during the day. The healthy cereal not only tasted good but offers an endless supply of crunchiness. There are several stores that are good places where to buy King Vitaman Cereal.

Update: July 2023 – King Vitaman Cereal Discontinued

We are sorry to say that this cereal has been discontinued and we cannot find it at any stores that would sell it in a normal fashion. Also because it is a perishable item even if someone has some left they are probably expired and may have already been thrown away. The manufacturer may have even taken all the boxes back when they were discontinued.

Where to Buy King Vitaman Cereal Locally?

You can get King Vitaman Cereal on Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is a place you might think of to shop for King Vitaman Cereal. The store seems to have carried this brand of cereal at some time. But it is currently out of stock and not carried in stores. This healthy breakfast cereal was available in 10-ounce boxes for customer convenience. You can make an alert if this comes back in stock at Walmart. But you might want to check other stores. It seems like it is not coming back here.

Where to Buy King Vitaman Cereal at Kmart

Kmart has a wide selection of breakfast foods for you to enjoy each morning. The large supply of cereal that the store carries makes it a great place to shop. One particular brand of cereal that the store try to keep on the shelves is King Vitaman Cereal. The product might be purchased in 12-ounce boxes at your local Kmart store. It is a fabulous place to shop for other everyday needs while stocking up on your favorite sweet and crunchy cereal. At the time of this writing the page prices and stock do not generate. It seems this is out of stock.

Check the Official Webpage of King Vitaman

King Vitaman cereal was made by Quaker Oats and they had a King Vitaman page but it was removed and is no longer available. They also have a Store Locator where you can use your zip code and product name to see if it is stocked near you. But we have tried several zip codes across the United States and it is not showing this cereal stocked anywhere that we checked. This is probably because they have not made this cereal for several years.

Past Places to Find King Vitaman Cereal Online

Amazon Had it but no Longer

Amazon is a popular online store that has a variety of breakfast products. The online business used to make it convenient to purchase a box of King Vitaman Cereal, but there is none there now. The cereal can then be delivered right to your door without ever needing to leave the house. Each 10-ounce box is filled with over ten vitamins and iron for a nutritional meal. The reviews of this product are poor at times. It seems that the price was over $14 for a single box of cereal which is about 3 times what you would expect. We are now do not see any selling on Amazon. If ordering from Amazon you have to expect the high price and be ready to return the item if the box is in poor condition or if the expiration date is passed.

No Longer find King Vitaman Cereal on Shop Food Ex

Shop Food Ex is an online store that has a large supply of everyday foods. The items used to be able to order online and delivered right to your front door. The business has many breakfast options for customers to choose from. But no longer do they have King Vitaman Cereal. It used to be purchased in 9.7-ounce boxes. If you don’t want to run out of this vitamin packed cereal, you can order more than one box at a time. The product is reasonably priced and does not take very long to reach your home. This crunchy food is great for a healthy morning breakfast or a nighttime snack. This seems to be one of the best places to get this at the time of writing.

Where to Buy King Vitaman Memorobilia on eBay

Ebay is a good place to look for new boxes of cereal to eat, vintage boxes, or other memorabilia of King Vitaman. But as of July 2023 there are no new boxes that you can buy there. There is only memorobilia of this brand like stickers and buttons.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy King Vitaman Cereal and that you find this classic version of this cereal at a store you love! If you are looking for more delicious things to eat look at our Food category.





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