Where to Buy Jicama

Where to Buy Jicama

Last updated on August 10th, 2023

It’s described as a cross between an apple and a potato. Technically it is a bean, or at least, it is sometimes called a Mexican yam bean. Other times, it is referred to as a Mexican turnip. Call it what you will, describe it as you please. There is no way to get around the truth that jicama is a vegetable that is growing in popularity. Jicama can be eaten raw, or seasoned. It goes good in a soup or as a part of a stir fried meal. Some people chop it up into thin wedges to be eaten with salsa, or as part of a Mexican salad. Truly, jicama is a flexible piece of produce. And even those that are not the biggest fans of Mexican cuisine can easily find a way to make it a part of their diet. But where do you get jicama? If you don’t grow it yourself, what retailers sell it? Here are a few places where to buy jicama.

Note: We are listing below jicama that is still raw or fresh. We are not linking to jicama chips or other forms of processed or prepared jicama at this time.

Where to Buy Jicama Locally

Can you get Jicama at Walmart?

This answer is not a straight forward “yes or no”. The Walmart website does not include any fresh or raw jicama produce. However, searching “jicama at Walmart” will show that they do have it in some stores, but not online.

Selling jicama produce in physical stores may be a seasonal and location issue. With peak season for jicama running from October to June, there will be times when it may be available. Obviously, in the down time, jicama will be harder to find and more expensive when found.

Jicama may also be a highly requested produce in some cities, while in others it is not. You will have to check your closest Walmart to see if they carry jicama.

Can I get Jicama at Target?

No, you cannot buy jicama at Target. Neither the online nor physical stores carry this produce.

Where to Buy Jicama at Harris Teeter’s Grocery Store

You don’t have to go to the big stores to find everything that you are looking for. Sometimes, it is the little guy that has the jicama produce you want.

Harris Teeter’s Grocery and Pharmacy sells jicama. If you want just the one to try, or you want many more, you’ll be able to find them at this East Coast grocery store.

For those that don’t live in the Carolinas, Virginias, or Maryland, you may have to track down the closest Harris Teeter’s through their website store locator, or head to a different grocery store.

Where to Buy Jicama at Melissa’s Grocery Store

Located on the West Coast, Melissa’s is the largest distributor of the specialty produce in the United States. Starting as a mom and pop shop into a giant of produce and delivery, Melissa’s has the jicama produce you are looking for.

High quality, exceptional value, and top of the line customer service, that is what Melissa’s is about. For those that don’t need a physical location to get their jicama produce from, this may be the best way to do things.

If you are living a little further out than Los Angeles, where Melissa’s headquarters and operations are based, you can find a helpful shipping schedule on the Melissa’s website. For those outside of the shipping range, you may need to find another grocer to sell you jicama.

Where to Buy Jicama Online

You can get Jicama from Amazon

Yes, you can buy Jicama from Amazon.

While Amazon does not sell it themselves, their website does allow other vendors to sell their jicama produce to you. They have 5 pounds and 20 pound cases. Some are sold as whole, grown plants, while others sell the seeds.

Normally, Amazon’s search filters make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. However, because vendors use different language to talk about their jicama produce, using the Amazon search filters may make this more difficult. They may even hide the very thing you are looking for. It might be easier to simply scroll through the few pages of jicama produce.

Be sure to read the product description. Know exactly what you are getting before you buy it. You may not be able to return produce once it is bought.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Jicama and can find this unique bean at a store you like. If you liked this article we hope you enjoy our other Food Buying Guides.





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