Where to Buy Honey Baked Ham

Where to Buy Honey Baked Ham

HoneyBaked Ham is a retailer that was founded in 1957. They sell ham, turkey breast, and other pre-cooked foods, side dishes, and even desserts. It is currently headquartered in Alpharetta, GA but was founded in Detroit. In this shopping guide we discuss a few places where to buy Honey Baked Ham.

Ham to die for

Today, their ham is regarded as one of the best tasting in the world. They use only the highest quality of bone-in smoked ham and a special cooking procedure to get that one-of-a-kind taste.

With a crunchy, sweet glaze to enhance the flavor, their patented spiral-slicing process makes the ham easy to serve. This is why it is now a staple at holiday dinners, meaningful meals, and Easter celebrations.

Throughout the years, the company belonged to the Hoenselaar family. Their guarantee of satisfaction has grown and now includes various side dishes, desserts, and classic roasted turkeys that would meet anyone’s standards.

Best in class customer satisfaction

They take pride in serving customers whether it is the holiday season or just a regular lunch. It is their commitment to the premium quality which lets them say that it will always be a special occasion when you have an authentic Honey Baked Ham.

Today, they have branched out to more than 200 retail stores and 200 additional franchise locations all over the United States. They also have a flourishing e-commerce business.

Quality assurance

HoneyBaked Ham takes pride in what they do and have unmatched standards in terms of quality and taste. Every piece of ham is selected from their grain-fed stock and goes through their sixteen point inspection checklist before being selected.

The hams are then cured without any extra juice or water which enhances the meats flavor naturally. Their smokers use a blend of hardwood chips to slow smoke every ham for 24 hours. This locks in the taste and ensures every slice is a culinary masterpiece on its own.

The spiral slicer which Harry Hoenselaar invented is still being used to slice ham today. It has been imitated by many, but no one has been able to duplicate it yet. It can expertly slice every ham slices into 1/6th of an inch and create the ideal serving size every time.

And of course, it’s not going to be a honey baked ham without the unmistakable crunchy, sweet glaze. They use their secret blend of spices and sugar to hand-glaze every ham thus balancing the smoky and sweet flavors to create a tender, savory taste.

After a final inspection, every ham is wrapped in a gold foil and is ready to serve. So, where can you buy this delectable ham? You have a couple of choices:

Where to Buy Honey Baked Ham Locally

Where to Buy Honey Baked Ham at Grocery Stores

All Grocery Stores will have precooked ham of some sort in stock most of the time. They may even have some spiral cut or sugared crust in their meat departments. They will not however have this exact brand in stock since the Honey Baked Ham company does not sell through third party stores.

Where to Buy Honey Baked Ham at an official store

You can visit any of their 400 Honey Baked Ham stores across the country and pick up your honey baked ham yourself. There is nothing quicker than this. You can think about ham in the evening and have it on your plate within a matter of hours.

Where to Buy Honey Baked Ham Online

The other option is ordering it online from the Honey Baked Ham e-commerce store. Don’t worry, they take special care to make sure the ham shipped to you is just as tasty as if you bought it from the store yourself. They send them to deliver on your requested date and with time to allow defrosting.

I hope you found this article helpful in searching for Where to Buy Honey Baked Ham and can find this savory yet sweet entree for your next party.





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