Where to Buy Funnel Cake

Where to Buy Funnel Cake

Last updated on August 13th, 2023

Where to Buy Funnel Cake is something you are thinking maybe when it is time for your local state fair. These sweet treats are loved by most people, especially during summer-time fairs. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for the next fair in your area; you can purchase prepared one or make your own. The stores near you and online stores listed below allow you to do just that.

Where to Buy a Funnel Cake Locally

Can You Find This at Walmart?

Walmart does carry several items to make your own. Although it’s not going to be one already made for you, the ability to make your own is possible. Walmart has a the mix and even a fryer if you wish to fry some up. Some of these items are available in stores and some are mail order.

You Can Get at Grocery Stores

If you live in an area where there are large chain grocery stores, you may find mix for making them there as well. Look in the baking aisle and they should be there. If you want to save a trip you could call ahead and see if they have it.

Can I Get a Funnel Cake at Dairy Queen?

While Dairy Queen may be a restaurant, they also sell cakes and other items there. In the past you could ask for a funnel cake and it will be made already for you. There was this video about 7 years ago. But it seems it is not on the menu now.

Where to Buy a Funnel Cake Online

Amazon has them of Course

Amazon has a variety of options when it comes to this confectionary. You can order a kit, a mix, and even premade cakes. Amazon has an option to buy a 5-inch funnel cake from J and J Snack Cake Factory via Amazon that has 48 of them in a case. But the reviews are not so great. If you are demanding you might want to get the materials to make your own fresh.

You Can Buy a Funnel Cake on Food Service Direct

The Food Service Direct website allows you to purchase them right from their website and you can have the item(s) shipped right to your home. These appear to be the same brand as the Amazon link above.

Can I Get a Funnel Cake Mix on Jet?

In the past you could purchase supplies on Jet. But that site seems to be gone. Look elsewhere.

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