Where to Buy Flannel Shirts

Where To Buy Flannel Shirts

With the temperature dropping and the scent of snow in the air, all of us are looking for something warm to wear and might be thinking about where to buy flannel shirts. While parkas, mittens, and heavy winter boots are essential to making through these blizzard-prone months, there is another piece of clothing that is needed to complete any winter ensemble: Flannel shirts.

Don’t think that buying a flannel shirt will mean you are enlisting to become a lumberjack. While the plaid or checkered look is very popular in flannel shirts, those aren’t the only options. Flannel shirts can come in various colors, for both men and women.

Before you buy, be sure you have an idea of what you are looking for. While a flannel shirt is just a shirt made of flannel, there are stores that will offer more than just a flannel shirt. There are some flannel shirts that are waterproof. Others are fleece lined for extra warmth. For women, some stores offer flannel shirts that are more like a tunic top, with ruffles on the bottom. Be aware of the great options of flannel shirts, and buy the perfect flannel shirt for you.

Where to Buy Flannel Shirts at Physical Stores

Can I Buy A Flannel Shirt At Walmart?

There are plenty of flannel shirts to buy from Walmart. This is one of the stores that has so many variations of the classic shirt that it is smart to know what you want before you become overwhelmed by the vast selection. Prices will vary depending on how elaborate your flannel shirt is. When switching to only showing what is at a local store they are showing 40 shirts in the  Superstore near me.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in the store, consider their website.

Can I Buy A Flannel Shirt At Target?

Target has flannel shirts as well. Traditional, hooded, lined; the variety of lumberjack looks abounds. But also some non-traditional looks, like printed flannel shirts or ones in a single color.

There aren’t as many options as Walmart, but Target does include many flannel shirts on their website if you can’t find it in a store near you.

Where to Buy Flannel Shirts at LL Bean

Some flannel shirts are for the worker or hunter, built with purpose. Others are built to look amazing. For flannel shirts like the latter, consider L.L.Bean. Again, these are on the more expense side, but the quality of L.L. Bean is higher than some brands at the big box stores.

Can I Buy A Flannel Shirt Locally?

Buying locally may prove challenging for a flannel shirt, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Consider second-hand shop or thrift shops. Look into smaller clothing stores in your area, including hunting or sporting goods stores.

Where to Buy Flannel Shirts Online

Can I Buy A Flannel Shirt On Amazon?

While Walmart and Target will offer a few brands of flannel shirts, Amazon is overflowing with brands and options for you to look through. With top brands like Wrangler, Burnside, WOOLRICH, and Columbia, there is a flannel shirt for you regardless of the features you are looking for.

This is the best option to compare prices across the different brands without having to go to each individual website or each brand outlet store. Be sure to use Amazon “filters” to narrow down the kind of flannel shirt you want.

Online Specialty Shop Option #1

One place to find high-quality flannel shirts is WOOLRICH, the Original Outdoor Clothing Company. These shirts are priced higher, but not without reason. Many are lined or are shirts with a purpose, like the flannel shooting shirt (it comes with a leather pad where the butt end of the rifle sits on the shoulder.)

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Flannel Shirts and can find the warm comfortable shirts you are looking for either online or offline.





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