Where to Buy Faygo

Where to Buy Faygo

If you are from Michigan you may be wondering Where to Buy Faygo. That is because originally, Faygo was only found in Michigan, but in recent times, they have expanded their capacity and are available in various regions of the country east of the Mississippi River. The main reason they decided to do this is because of the increase in popularity of old-fashioned and specialty sodas. We have in the past covered modern sodas like Crystal Pepsi but Faygo is Retro.

The History of Faygo

The history of this soda shop began in the 1900s when the soda fountain was invented. Today, there are a number of specialty soda shops all over the country which celebrate this tradition and sell new as well as old-fashioned sodas.

This soda-pop was founded by a couple of brothers in the 1920s. It is still only made and bottled in Detroit where their original bottle works is located. The original flavors available include strawberry, grape, and fruit punch. Today, there are more than 30 flavors available. The term pop was actually coined by Faygo as a way to describe carbonated beverages, and now it’s used to describe almost every soda.

The Feigenson brothers, the men who developed Faygo, were bakers from Russia. Faygo was first available in 1907 in three flavors: grape, fruit punch, and strawberry. These flavors were based on the cake frosting recipes of the brothers. They charged 3 cents per bottle and 5 cents for a couple of bottles. In 1922, they purchased their first delivery truck and began home deliveries the next year. They even introduced Ohana, a low-calorie version of soda-pop in the 1960’s. In the 1980’s flavored carbonated water was introduced by them.

The origin of the Faygo name

In the 1920s, the company was expanding rapidly, and the Feigenson Brothers thought Feigenson was too long a name which is why they changed it to Faygo. They ran the company till the 1960s when they handed it over to their children. In 1969, they created some radio and TV advertisements with a fictional cowboy character they called Faygo Kid. It was an animated character used to promote their root beer.

Increasing the shelf life

Since their drinks had limited shelf life, the company sold products just in the Michigan area until the 1950s. The issue was resolved later with the help of a filtration system to get rid of most impurities in their water.

Where to buy Faygo in Stores

Where to get Faygo in Michigan

You can probably find this in just about any grocery store in Michigan. The company is from there and they have an excellent distribution network in Michigan.

Where to get Faygo in other States

There are Faygo items at other stores you just have to look or ask for it. They may not be in the best spots on the shelves so look on the low shelves or high spots. There is a store locator on the official Faygo website.


As far as Walmart is concerned, you know you will be getting exactly what you ordered every single time. They focus on quality and ensure on-time deliveries. What’s more, you can walk-in to any of their stores and buy it if you’re in a hurry too. I am seeing Faygo products in stock at my closest Supercenter and I am not in Michigan.

Where to Buy Faygo Online

Where to Buy Faygo on Amazon

We all know about Amazon and how they offer almost every product known to man on their e-commerce website. There’s no reason to doubt the availability of Faygo on their website. They are reliable and deliver quicker than anyone else.

Where to Buy Faygo on Ebay

There is a good selection of Faygo on Ebay from a lot of sellers. There are different sizes, packs and flavors.

We hope you found Where to Buy Faygo at a Store you like and can enjoy this classic beverage.





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  1. Karen

    I am wondering if Faygo is made in diet soda

  2. Dixie Bellville

    I’m trying to find Faygo Rock &Rye plus some others here in Crowley Louisiana

  3. Debbie Marlow

    Love the diet red pop 20 oz bottles….wanting to buy a case.. but checking w yr company was going to cost $41 in shipping alone… is there a place in southern Illinois that could purchase… my zip code is 62864.. thank you

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