Where to Buy Distilled Water

Where to Buy Distilled Water

Distilled water is for sale by many popular brands like Smartwater, Aquafina and more. You can also find local grocery store brands selling distilled water. You may want to drink distilled water but some people say it has little taste as it does not have dissolved minerals like standard drinking water. But you may want distilled water for that very reason if you want very clean water for use in a steam iron or for using in your cars radiator or battery. Below we highlight several place where to buy distilled water.

Where to Buy Distilled Water Locally

Can I buy Distilled Water at Target?

Target’s website lists a get it today option for local Target stores.You can only order it online for store pick up. The only alternative is to spend at least $25 online to get it shipped directly to you. Prices start at $.89 and go up a little from there. Some of the website listings include other items besides distilled water.

Can I buy Distilled Water at Walmart?

Walmart’s generic brand, Great Value, makes distilled water that their stores sell. This type of distilled water sells for $.88. Some product options are in-store only. Walmart also sells distiller machines. There is only a small amount of distilled water products in Walmart’s product lineup.

Can I buy Distilled Water at Walgreens?

A local Walgreens in NH sells two brands of distilled water. One option is the gallon distilled water, and the other is a Smartwater one-liter bottle. The website lists a few different options. Most of these options are available in store. You cannot purchase the water online.

Can I buy Distilled Water at my local grocery store?

Grocery stores almost always carry distilled water. Check the water section. Discover different product size options. You might get a distilled water coupon at a grocery store that participates in a type of reward system. But at most stores the price is around a dollar a gallon so there is little reason to shop around for distilled water.

Where to Buy Distilled Water Online

Can I buy Distilled Water from Amazon?

Amazon sells a variety of distilled water as well as distiller home machines. Some of the options that come up under a distilled water search are not distilled water. Amazon also includes unique distilled water options like Alteya Rose water. The prices vary. Some of the prices are competitive while other products sell for higher than normal.

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