Where to Buy Counter Culture Coffee

Where to Buy Counter Culture Coffee

Last updated on August 24th, 2023

Below we cover where to buy Counter Culture Coffee locally and online. This brand is an artisanal brand known for its eco-friendly initiatives as well as its distinct blends and flavors. The company created the SEEDS (Sustaining Environmental and Educational Development at Source), and the Coalition for Coffee Communities’ programs, and participates in shade-grown, organic, and direct-trade certifications. Popular blends include Big Trouble (caramel notes), Forty-Six or Nana’s (both have hints of dark chocolate), and Hologram (picture a fruity milk chocolate bar infused into coffee beans). Learn where you can find this coffee online and which brick-and-mortar stores carry it.

When was this brand Started?

This brand started its journey in 1995. Nestled in Durham, North Carolina, this specialty coffee roaster began to make waves. With a focus on sustainability and quality, it quickly earned respect in the coffee world. Since then, it has become a beloved brand for many coffee enthusiasts. Quite the brew-tiful story, wouldn’t you say?

Who started this brand?

It was founded by Brett Smith and Fred Houk. They started the company with a passion for quality coffee and a commitment to ethical sourcing. That’s the secret sauce behind their success!

Where to Get it Locally

Can I get this brand at Grocery Stores?

This is currently not available in popular chain supermarkets, however it does seem that Whole Foods is carrying some blends. Check with local Whole Foods for in-store/Instacart options, and for flavor availability.
Get it At Whole Foods

Can I get it at Discount Shops?

When looking to buy this, it may or may not be worth checking discount stores such as Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ross, and Marshall’s. Inventory at these places is always changing, so the coffee show up on the shelves, either intermittently or on constant re-stock.

Can I buy Counter Culture Coffee at Warehouse Stores?

BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club are also continuously adding items, especially during holiday times. Although they’re not currently selling this, check online or at local locations for possible interest.

Can I find Counter Culture Coffee at Walmart?

Yes, you can buy select 12-oz. flavors through third-party vendors at Walmart’s website. Purchases are thus only available for delivery, not in-store pickup.
Shop for it at WalMart

Does Target Carry It?

Surprisingly even though Target carries a lot of what’s considered specialty items, Counter Culture Coffee isn’t one of them. Keep an eye on inventory, to see if they start carrying it.

Should you Get Counter Culture Coffee Online

You can buy this at Amazon

Amazon is a terrific resource, when looking to buy almost anything. The site features individual and 4-packs of 12-oz. bags of whole beans.
Where to Buy on Amazon

You can order It on eBay

Find single bags and multi-packs of 12-oz. and 5-lb. bags on the auction site, available at various shipping options. eBay also has listings for new and pre-owned Counter Culture Coffee merchandise.
Where to Buy Counter Culture Coffee on eBay

The Official Online Store of Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee is of course always available for purchase at the company’s site, https://counterculturecoffee.com/. Here you’ll find the brand’s catalog of flavors, logo-emblazoned mugs and clothing, and how to sign up for coffee subscriptions, including a customized monthly option.
Where to Buy on Official Site

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Counter Culture Coffee and that you find your favorite brew, or discover a new type of coffee to enjoy! And don’t forget to see our other food guides to delicious eats!





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