Where to Buy Coconuts

Where to Buy Coconuts

Where to Buy Coconuts is somethin you are wondering if to make authentic piña colada, a beverage full of the taste of coconuts. The fruit of the coconut palm tree is also commonly used in many desserts, candy bars, and some savory Indian dishes. Coconut products can make great replacements for dairy and the oil is useful for frying. Even the husk has a use, as potting soil. The coconut truly is a versatile food. You may be unsure of where to find one, especially if you don’t live near the equator. Although North Americans may think of coconuts as primarily a Hawaiian fruit, they are actually grown mainly in tropical Asia. Even in landlocked areas, there are many places to buy coconuts.

Where to Buy Coconuts Locally

Can I buy a coconut at the local farmer’s market?
Maybe, if your local climate is suited to them (Sunny and humid) but most likely, they will not be grown locally to you. If you do live in a tropical climate, these will probably be the freshest coconuts available to you, but you will pay a little extra to support a local farmer.

Can I buy coconuts from my local grocery store?

Yes. Any grocery store with a well stocked produce section should be able to supply you with some fresh coconuts. They will probably be a bit fresher and nicer in quality than Walmart or Amazon.com. The grocery store is likely to have a better selection than Walmart, and there you will have the option to see and touch the specific fruit in person, unlike Amazon.com. The price will definitely be a bit higher though.

Do they sell coconuts at Walmart?

Yes, they do. Most Walmart stores with a grocery section should have coconuts, though the prices will vary depending on the season and the nearest coconut farm. Walmart may not have the best quality produce, but it will most likely be the cheapest store around, so keep this in mind when shopping. They do not seem to have whole coconuts listed on their website but they have them at times in stores. They do have a lot of other coconut products and you may decide that you do not want to work to get them cracked.

Where to Buy Coconuts Online

Can I get coconuts from Amazon.com?

Yes. They sell coconuts on Amazon.com, and many of the listings have positive reviews. Due to the nature of the website, Amazon.com will have a much wider selection than any physical store could, since they do not have to store all of their products in a retail store. There are over 30 whole coconuts from young to mature coconuts.

Are there stores that specifically sell coconuts?

There do not appear to be stores exclusive to the coconut fruit, but there are stores such as coconutsecret.com and florida-coconuts.com, which specialize in coconut products. They do sell some coconuts themselves as well, but most of their products are supplements, opening tools, or leaves.

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