Where to Buy Chocolate

Where to Buy Chocolate

Last updated on August 13th, 2023

Almost all people love It. Luckily, consumers have many places to find this tasty treat. Did you know that some of this cocoa confectionery is actually healthy for you? You can find it within almost any budget near you. Most places that sell chocolate have organic options as well as conventional kinds. In this shopping guide we cover where to buy Chocolate.

Where to Buy Chocolate Locally

Can I Find It at CVS or Walgreens?

CVS has a candy section with various popular sweet treats. And there is probably a CVS or Walgreens in a few miles of where you are now. Walgreens often has similar prices as CVS. They also have decorative boxes if you need a gift box and forgot to get one earlier.

Can I buy Chocolate at Barnes & Nobles?

Barnes & Nobles has a specialty food and treats section. Discover different imported chocolate while you shop for your next book to read. This chocolate tends to be more expensive than at your local drug store. You can also buy bars at the cafe in Barnes & Nobles.
Where to Buy on Barnes & Noble

Can I buy Get Some at my local mall?

Many malls have a convenience store where you can buy common candy like Dove or Mars chocolate. Sometimes, these stores offer free samples. A candy shop is another possible way to buy it at a mall. There are brands like Lindt or Godiva that have stores in some malls. Some malls include Target. If your local mall includes Target, check out their food section. Target has an aisle dedicated to sweets like chocolate.

Trader Joe’s Have It?

Trader Joe’s has a small selection of this. However, you can purchase organic chocolate for only one dollar. Trader Joe’s brand also includes truffle and other boxed treats. However, you will not find common brands like Reese’s or Hershey’s there.

Can I buy Chocolate at the Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree has a candy section with many common items like bars. Sometimes you can get a package of chocolate for a dollar. Dollar Tree also sells many holiday wrapped products.

A specialty store Burdick Chocolate

Burdick has 4 stores in the New England region which is the Northeast. They also ship nationwide even in the summer. They have an assortment of bars, figurines, pastries and drinks in their stores. All look scrumptious!

Where to Buy Chocolate at Lindt

You might want to find Lindt at other retailers like Target or Walgreens, on their website or one of their many stores that they have across the country. They have a variety of styles from milk, semi sweet like 70% or more robust dark options. I especially enjoy their truffles and they make great gifts.

Where to Buy Chocolate Online

Where to Find It at Scharffenberger

This company Scharffenberger does not have physical stores but have some nice looking options that they can send to you. Their website also has some nice cocoa focused recipes that look awesome.

Can I Order Some at Amazon?

Amazon has a huge selection of well, everything. Take advantage of Prime shipping to keep your food items fresh. Amazon is a good option for some items that are discontinued or seasonal. Hershey’s currently has numerous products for sale on Amazon.

Worldwide Chocolate specializes in it

WorldWide Chocolate is a company that specializes in just this and has lots of brands and types. If you are looking for the more eclectic selection this might be a good place to shop. They also can include dry ice in the package for safer warm weather shipping right to your door.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Chocolate and can find this healthy and delicious treat at a store you like. If you enjoyed this article please see all our food-related articles.





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