Where to Buy Chickpea Pasta

Where to Buy Chickpea Pasta

Chickpeas are best known as the main ingredient in hummus, and now, this tasty, popular legume is experiencing even more appeal as the base for chickpea pasta. Made from ground chickpeas that are typically bound with tapioca starch or lentil flour, it’s typically gluten-free, vegan, and commonly available in elbow, spaghetti, penne, and spiral shapes. Popular brand names include Banza®, Lensi®, Chickapea Pasta®, Chickie P’s®, Know Better Pasta™, Tolerant®, and Explore Cuisine®. Keep the following in mind, for brick and mortar and online shopping when you are looking for places Where to Buy Chickpea Pasta.

Where to Buy Chickpea Pasta Locally

Can I buy Chickpea Pasta at Grocery Stores?

Some grocery chains such as Whole Foods, Giant, Wegman’s, and Acme usually carry it. If you don’t see it in the pasta aisle, check the gluten-free section, or see if the store has a dedicated vegan section. Chickpea pasta is still somewhat of a “new” food, so it may take time for your local supermarket to add it to inventory.

Can I buy Chickpea Pasta at Warehouse Clubs?

Results may vary depending upon region, but Sam’s Club and Costco may include chickpea pasta in their offerings. If you’re a BJ’s Wholesale Club member, inquire as to if and when they will get it in.

Can I buy Chickpea Pasta at Health Food Stores?

Check any local health food markets by you for packaged chickpea pasta, as well as the possible option of bulk bin scooping. Shops such as GNC and VitaCost, well known for their supplements, carry it for online ordering. If there is a shop in your neighborhood, ask them about in-store purchasing.

Can I buy Chickpea Pasta at Target?

Take note of Target as a resource for this dry good staple, although you may want to see first which locations carrying it are closest to you. They do offer it through online shopping, but only if included in a $25 minimum purchase. It does appear that local stores to me carry 5 options all from Banza.

Can I buy Chickpea Pasta at Walmart?

Walmart is another option, both for finding chickpea pasta on the shelves, and for ordering it for home delivery. Third-party vendors through Walmart often sell it in bulk, but that generally includes free shipping.

Where to Buy Chickpea Pasta Online

You can buy Chickpea Pasta at Amazon

For bulk shopping that may also include a subscribe option, and Prime perks, browse chickpea pasta listings at Amazon. Search for it under the “Grocery & Gourmet Food,” sub-category, so that you can eliminate as many non-related products as possible that still somehow pop up in general results. I am seeing 145 results on Amazon that appear to be chickpea pasta.

You can buy Chickpea Pasta at eBay

A single box of chickpea pasta is generally more expensive than traditional white or wheat flour based products, so eBay is a consideration, especially for buying in bulk. Find double, triple and higher packs of 8-oz. boxes, and multi-packs of the 5.5-oz mac and cheese varieties at the auction site.

Online Stores Dedicated to Chickpea Pasta

For more information about chickpea pasta’s nutritional components, and where to find certain brand names, visit the Banza and the Chickapea websites. There are links to recipe ideas, social media links, e-newsletter subscriptions, online purchase promo codes, and store locators.

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