Where to Buy Chia Seeds

Where to Buy Chia Seeds

Where to Buy Chia Seeds is a question you may be asking yourself if you are looking to add these seeds to your food. Chia seeds are known to provide a substantial amount of nutrients and antioxidants. Additionally, chia seeds have a high amount of quality protein. They can be added to a number of foods either whole or ground so that you can get their benefits. Thankfully, these nutritional seeds are available several places, both in physical stores and online.

Where to Buy Chia Seeds in Physical Stores

Where to Buy Chia Seeds at Walmart?

Walmart carries several brands of chia seeds. Whether you want organic or regular chia seeds, you will find a good selection. To beat the crowd or if the closest Walmart nearby is too long of a drive, you can still purchase the chia seeds by going on their website. Once you go to www.walmart.com, type in “chia seeds” in the search area. Several brands will come up. However, you can customize your search by going to the left of the screen and choosing your specific dietary need (i.e. Gluten free, organic, kosher, or low sodium), as well as prices.

Where to Buy Chia Seeds at Target

Chia seeds can also be found at Target. One of the most common brands at Target is Simply Balanced. They have black chia seeds, organic chia seeds, and other options. If you don’t have a Target nearby or if you just don’t want to go out to the store, you can check their website at www.target.com. By going to their website, you will be able to search “chia seeds” in the search area and from their you can customize your search to narrow down the results by choosing type, brand, availability, etc.

Can I Get Chia Seeds at GNC?

Known for their health food and supplement options, GNC does carry chia seed. However, if there is no GNC in your area, they do have a website you can order from. By going to www.gnc.com and typing in “chia seeds” in the search area, you will be able to see several products that are either original chia seeds or products that have chia seeds.

Where to Buy Chia Seeds at Grocery Stores

Usually, depending on the grocery store, you can find chia seeds. Each store will be different when it comes to which aisle they would be in, so it would be best to ask a staff member upon entering the store. Most large-chain grocery stores carry at least a few different brands of chia seeds.

Where Can You Buy Chia Seeds Online?

Can You Buy Chia Seeds on Amazon?

Amazon has several brands to choose from. In fact, if you go to www.amazon.com and type in “chia seeds,” you may notice that the website has over 2,000 items with chia seeds. However, if you want to specifically look for raw chia seeds, you could type “raw chia seeds” or “organic chia seeds” to narrow down your search.

You Can Buy Chia Seeds on Vitacost

Like GNC, Vitacost is an online store dedicated to health and nutrition. By going to www.vitacost.com/chia-seeds, you will be able to see their full line of chia seeds. The website has all kinds of organic chia seeds and even chia seeds with measured amounts of Omega-3. There is certainly a product here you might like.

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