Where to Buy Cheesecloth

Where to Buy Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth is a great addition to the kitchen pantry, because it’s a strong material that is perfect for when a colander or mesh strainer isn’t enough. It’s often used when making non-dairy or nut milks, yogurt cheese, cauliflower rice, and other recipes that require removing as much moisture and/or pulp as possible. The gauze-like texture and appearance also make it a popular choice for wedding reception décor, Halloween decorations and props, and even to wrap babies in for newborn photography. Available as white, unbleached, and in an assortment of pastel and bright colors, there are several online and brick and mortar locations where you can find the size and shade of cheesecloth that you need.

Where to Buy Cheesecloth Locally

Can you buy Cheesecloth at Grocery Stores?

Grocery stores are common resources for buying cheesecloth. Major chains such as Giant, Shop-Rite, SuperFresh, Food Lion, Acme, and The Fresh Grocer usually have cheesecloth available in their kitchen supply aisles. It’s definitely worth looking in the supermarket for it, whether the store is a big name or a smaller “mom and pop” venue. A quick online search for the markets nearest you may also indicate availability of cheesecloth.

Where to buy Cheesecloth at Arts and Crafts Stores?

Arts and crafts stores are another terrific option, when looking for cheesecloth. Michael’s, AC Moore, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby often carry it, and may have lower prices than what’s found at major supermarkets. You may also find a broader selection of cheesecloth, especially if looking for a particular color, or a larger roll. It’s easy to locate one of these places nearest you, as well as their selections and price points.

Can I buy Cheesecloth at Kitchen Supply Stores?

If you love browsing kitchen supply stores, or just happen to be shopping at or near one, look for cheesecloth here. Check out the baking supply aisles at your local Sur La Table or Bed Bath and Beyond, or check their websites for ship-to home or ship-to-store options.

Where to Buy Cheesecloth at Walmart?

Walmart has various size and quantity options for food-grade and lint-free cheesecloth. Free ship-to-store options are available, if you don’t see it in stock at your local store, and want to pick it up the next time you’re shopping there.

Where to Buy Cheesecloth at Target?

Cheesecloth is carried at Target, but check to see whether selections are online only, in-store only, or available for purchase through either manner. In-store availability may also be limited to certain locations, so look online or call your local Target when ready to buy it.

Where to Buy Cheesecloth Online

You can buy Cheesecloth at Amazon

There’s an extensive range of cheesecloth available at Amazon, making it easy to filter for particular qualities including 100% cotton, lint-free, commercial grade, and high thread-count. The search results can lead to additional projects and recipes, since they typically suggest eco-friendly materials, utensils, and textiles that may be of interest to those using cheesecloth.

You can buy Cheesecloth on Ebay

“Photography prop cheesecloth,” “newborn cheesecloth,” “cheesecloth wrap,” “cheesecloth roll,” and “cheesecloth fabric” are some of the more refined searches you can use on Ebay. The auction site is beneficial for finding large quantities of cheesecloth, and types that may be difficult to find locally.

Online Store Dedicated to Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth.com is an online shop devoted entirely to selling cheesecloth for baking, cooking, decorating, and art purposes. Their website boasts constant in-stock inventory, and fast shipping.

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