Where to Buy Cards Against Humanity

Where To Buy Cards Against Humanity

If you are looking for a mischievous party game you may be wondering where to buy Cards against Humanity. Cards Against Humanity has become a very popular game that bring out the horrible inner selves of people. This game is very amusing and that has contributed to its popularity over the past 2-3 years after it was first released. The game is a part trivia and partly opinion, totally based on the cards you are dealt and which deck you are using. Cards Against Humanity was funded by a successful KickStarter campaign and basically it’s a party game for adults. It was inspired by numerous popular games which one of them is: Magic The Gathering and Charades.

Within just 30 days of releasing this game on Amazon back in 2011, Cards Against Humanity suddenly became the No. 1 top selling game on the website.

The creators of this game didn’t want retailers to cheapen their brand and that’s the main reason you can’t just get this game in any store. Also I’ll call it part of their marketing strategy where people will want it more because it’s scarce. Plus, they don’t just want their games sitting next to some random board games at a retail store.

Ever since Cards Against Humanity have been released, there have been 6 expansion packs and each of them having been sold out quickly whenever they were available for purchase. There have been some special packs that were released, one which gives buyers the privilege to pay how much they deem fit. That pack made over $70,000 and it was donated to charity. Yet they did another promo and it generates over $100k, which got donated to charity also.

Although Card Against Humanity has often been regarded as offensive but notwithstanding this game is one of the most popular games that was ever created. It’s quite fun playing the game with my pals and I must confess it’s definitely not the game for people who take things seriously.

Buying this game will automatically get you 550 cards which consists of 90 black cards and 460 white cards. Those white cards are answer cards while the black cards are question cards. Traditionally there were just 6 expansion packs of the game. Basically what this extension packs does is adding more cards to the original pack so that there can be more options and card varieties while enjoying the game. As of December 2016 they are changing some of the versions and how the expansion packs are sold. This company is definitely different and do not take themselves too seriously.

Where to Buy Cards Against Humanity Locally

With all of that being said, this game isn’t just sold in just any store. There are some selected stores that sells Cards Against Humanity but unless you are aware or told the names of those stores, it’s going to be hard to find.

I have seen these decks of cards in some Comic Book Stores but not all. You may want to call your local comic book or game store to see if they have it. If they do not maybe they will know a local source.

Can you get Cards Against Humanity at Walmart?

In a word, No. They do not carry it in most Walmarts and I have never seen it in there.

Where to Buy Cards Against Humanity at Target

Yes most Targets have the game and a good selection of expansion packs. In fact I have seen it at times on the end caps as they know it is hard to find locally and is now getting famous. This is the link for Cards Against Humanity at Target.

Where to Buy Cards Against Humanity Online

There are basically 3 places you can buy Cards Against Humanity online. Any other places apart from these three I’m about to list may be selling fakes or some they printed themselves.

Buy Cards Against Humanity at Official Site

You can print out this game for free at www.cardsagainsthumanity.com but you may want to order authentic ones as you cannot print them on cardstock with most printers. Actual purchased cards will be better and will last much longer. There are original boxes and later boxes with colors. https://store.cardsagainsthumanity.com/

Buy Cards Against Humanity at Amazon

Yes, you can buy Cards Against Humanity and its complete extension sets including all its nice collections directly from Amazon.com. Cards Against Humanity original box is $25 on Amazon.

Buy Cards Against Humanity at Walmart

Cards Against Humanity can also be purchased at Walmart.com. We’ve confirmed the Website and both the basic game and expansion sets are all available there.
You can buy the game online and have it shipped to your home but I guess the free in-store pickup option could be an option as well. They are not stocked in Walmart stores and these are sold by third party sellers.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Cards Against Humanity and can find this popular party game in time for your party.





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