Where to Buy Brandy Melville

Where to Buy Brandy Melville

Last updated on July 9th, 2023

Brandy Melville is a major fashion line of younger women’s clothing and accessories. Inspired by Los Angeles fashion, it is now popular all around the world. Skirts, jackets, t-shirts, tops, shorts, bags, belts, jewelry and more are just some of the pieces included in this affordable line. Below we cover several stores where to buy Brandy Melville online and at local stores.

Where to Buy Brandy Melville Locally

Is there a physical store dedicated to this line?

Yes. Brandy Melville is located on the very trendy Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts. This is sort of surprising, too, since Brandy Melville clothing and accessories are really very affordable. Newbury Street has long been associated with very pricey shops. With the Brandy Melville store locator you can look for locations by state.

Can I buy Brandy Melville at Walmart?

Walmart stores don’t carry any of the Brandy Melville products at their physical stores. They are available for home delivery at Walmart.com but in limited selection.

Can I buy Brandy Melville at Target?

No. Unfortunately you won’t find the Brandy Melville products at Target either. Nor are they available at Target.com

Where to Buy Brandy Melville Online

Can I get them on Amazon.com?

Surprisingly, the online retailer Amazon that carries just about everything, doesn’t carry much Brandy Melville clothing and accessories. That’s definitely disappointing. The search in this paragraph finds things that look like Brandy Melville but are usually other brands.

Can I find Brandy Melville at Pac Sun?

Yes! Brandy Melville clothing and accessories are, in fact, available at Pac Sun stores. Check your local mall to see if there is a Pac Sun near you. Unfortunately the Brandy Melville line isn’t available at PacSun.com, however.

Is there an online store dedicated to selling the Brandy Melville line?

Yes. You may purchase the entire Brandy Melville line of clothing and accessories at the brand’s online store. At brandymelville.com, fans of the brand will be happy to find that all articles of clothing include measurements, so you can measure yourself and know exactly what size to buy. In addition to buying clothing and accessories online, you may also order Brandi Melville gift certificates.

Now you know Where to Buy Brandy Melville items. Hopefully in time they will be available in even more places. We hope you find these and other clothing you want at our Clothing category.





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