Where to Buy Boric Acid

Where To Buy Boric Acid

If you are looking for a non-toxic pesticide you may be wondering Where to Buy Boric Acid. Pest Control in any home may seem to be a difficult task, especially when getting the right pesticide for the job is impossible. Even though many people prefer going for exterminators, it is easy to control roaches in your home by using boric acid, which is safe to use and easily available. Instead of wasting dollars on hiring exterminators, it is possible to perform your own pest control. This article will outline where to get boric acid.

But what is Boric Acid?

Boric acid is an insecticide found in many pesticides commercially. It effectively kills roaches as they run through treated areas. It attacks the nervous system of the roach and dries out its body, and thus eventually dying from dehydration.

Where to Buy Boric Acid Locally

Boric Acid from Walmart

The good news about Boric acid on Walmart is that there is a wide variety of boric acid packages and brands to select from, with the cheapest just going for as low as $2. It is readibly available and affordable as well. Walmart may just be the first place to start from if you are shopping for boric acid. Even though many companies may tend to be more expensive and take more time before shipping, Walmart is cheap as well as takes less time to ship.

Drug Stores and Pharmacies

There are tens of drug stores which also sell Boric acid. Even though it may not always be available online, a visit to the store and heading to the household section can yield results. Some of the stores where to find boric acid include Rite Aid, Walgreens, Heb and CVS.

Can I buy Boric Acid from Grocery Stores?

Even though grocery stores would be great places to buy boric acid from, it may take time before you locate where it is. It can be found at the laundry detergent aisle; pharmacy or pesticide section.

Buying Boric Acid from Home Depot

Home Depot do have a wide range of pest control catalogs from both their local and online stores. If possible, you can visit the garden center of the store and search for the home and perimeter insect control section. Home Depots will most of the time have a wide variety of boric acid powder products.

Boric Acid from the Pool Store

Though less commonly known, people are always getting rid of insects from pools, and boric acid is an insecticide commonly used. Boric acid is also used to soften the water and create sparkles. You don’t need to have a pool to visit a pool store, just head in there and ask for boric acid.

Where to Buy Boric Acid Online

Can I buy Boric Acid from Amazon?

Just like thousands of other products on Amazon, Boric acid is highly available. Going for less than $7 and free shipping offered for orders above $35, this boric acid is packed in friendly containers that are easy to use and instantly kills roaches.

In conclusion, Boric acid can be found in nearly any hardware store, grocery store or big box retail store, including Walmart, Home Depot and others. Boric acid is generally sold in the pesticide department of most stores as well.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Boric Acid and can find this natural and generally safe pesticide and pool additive.





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