Where to Buy Blitzball

Where to Buy Blitzball

Nothing says spring time like pulling out all the sporting equipment and finally doing something. Like throwing the football around, or playing catch. But sometimes you need to step things up a bit. Like throwing around the ultimate backyard baseball, the Blitzball! As seen used by internet sensation DudePerfect, this uniquely designed ball will change your throwing game forever, and make spring and summer fun that much more interesting. But where can you find a Blitzball ball and bat? Where do you get the traditional green or DudePerfect blue ones? Here are a few places where to buy Blitzball.

Where to Buy Blitzball Locally

Can I Buy Blitzball from Walmart?

Yes, you can buy Blitzball from Walmart. Blitzball is sold in physical Walmart stores as well as their website.

Supplies may be limited in the brick and mortar stores. If you find that your local Walmart doesn’t have any in stock, try the larger Walmart Supercenters.

Walmart has recently allowing other retailers to sell products from their website, much like Amazon. Not all prices are the same for the same product, so make sure you browser through everything on the Walmart website before you buy.

Walmart does not sell the DudePerfect blue Blitzball products.

Can I Buy Blitzball from Target?

No, you cannot buy Blitzball from Target. Neither the retail stores nor the online shops carry or sell the Blitzball.

Where to Buy Blitzball at Olympia Sports

Not everyone wants to shop online for something they want to feel with their hands, swing around and know what they are getting. That is why Olympia Sports is the place to get your hands on Blitzball products.

They sell both the balls and bats, in starter packs and ball packages. You can find them online and in stores.

Olympia Sports does not sell the limited edition DudePerfect Blitzball products.

To find a store nearest you, the store finder tool can be found in the top right-hand corner of the Olympia Sports website.

Where to Buy Blitzball Online

Can I Buy Blitzball from Amazon?

Yes, you can buy Blitzball from Amazon.

While Amazon normally has many retailers selling the same product, Blitzball is sold only by Amazon. All Blitzball products are Amazon Prime eligible, whether you are buying the bat/ball combo, or a 2 or 4 pack of Blitzballs.

Because there aren’t any other retailers selling Blitzball, there is no wiggle room on price. However, you know that you will be getting the real deal, rather than a cheap knockoff. That is the security you get when Amazon is the only one selling it.

In addition to the traditional Blitzball products, Amazon also sells the DudePerfect edition of Blitzball. With its light blue color, instead of green, this makes for an extra special gift for yourself or someone else.

Order from the Official Blitzball Website

Why go anywhere else? You can buy Blitzballs right from their website! Offering you the MSRP price, Blitzball sells the ball and bat starter kit, as well as 4 and 12 Blitzball packages. If that isn’t enough, at the time of this posting, Blitzball has a promo on if you add a 4 pack of Blitzballs to your order of starter kit or 4 Blitzball pack, they will give you an additional Blitzball free.

Blitzball also sells the DudePerfect edition of the Blitzball in the starter kit and 4 Blitzball package. They are limited editions; keep that in mind.

We hope you enjoyed this article on Where To Buy Blitzball and can find this new curve on playing baseball.





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