Where to Buy Aveda

Where to Buy Aveda

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023

Aveda is the name of a good quality, affordable line of cosmetics—including hair, body, skin and makeup products. Owned by Estee Lauder, you can rest assured you are taking good care of your hair and skin when you purchase and use these items. Below we review Where to Buy Aveda in this shopping guide.

Where to Buy Aveda Locally

Can I Buy Aveda at Walmart?

Walmart stores carry a comprehensive line of Aveda products. They are also available online at Walmart.com. If you are looking for what they sell locally make sure to select the store you plan to go to. Also check “In-store” in the top navigation.

Can I Buy Aveda at Target?

Target stores do carry Aveda products. You can see the Aveda results at Target. Make sure to select your store if you want this locally versus online.

Do Ulta Stores Sell Aveda?

Ulta stores don’t carry Aveda products. They aren’t available at Ulta.com either.

Does Sephora Sell Aveda Products?

No. Aveda products aren’t available at Sephora stores. They don’t sell them on their online store either.

Do Pharmacies Sell Aveda Products?

Some pharmacies sell Aveda hair, skin and makeup products. They are available at Walgreens stores, as well as at Walgreens.com.

Many CVS pharmacies carry Aveda items. They are also for sale at CVS.com.

Rite Aide pharmacies don’t sell Aveda products, however. They aren’t available at RiteAide.com either.

Where to Buy Aveda Online

Can I Buy Aveda at Amazon.com?

You can buy many Aveda products on Amazon.com. They carry several of the Aveda skincare products, countless hair care products and some of the Aveda cosmetics as well. If you have an Amazon Prime membership you can also get Free 2 Day Shipping.

Is There A Website Dedicated to Aveda?

For the most comprehensive collection of available Aveda products, visit Aveda.com. The site will also inform you of even more places where their products may be purchased.

As you can plainly see, Aveda products are easy to find. You may order them online from several retailers, and they are available at pharmacies and stores in your neighborhood, too.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Aveda Cosmetics and that you’re able to find the beauty products you need for your style and budget. For more shampoo products please see our Beauty Shopping Guides.





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