Where to Buy a Gingerbread House Kit

Where to Buy a Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread house kits are easy to find during the holiday season. Many physical and online stores sell these kits. Some stores have more variations of these decorative kits. Did you know that you can buy gingerbread houses in the middle of summer too? Below we highlight Where to Buy a Gingerbread House Kit Online and Offline.

We love the holidays and have a whole section on Where to Buy Holiday Items.

Where to Buy a Gingerbread House Kit Locally

Can I buy a Gingerbread House Kit at Walgreens?

Walgreens has a holiday aisle that typically contains one or two types of Gingerbread house kits. This store is a great option to buy this product last minute in person. Currently, you cannot buy the gingerbread kit online. The prices also may vary per store.

Where to Buy Gingerbread House Kits at World Market

This store World Market has stores around the United States and offers several types of Gingerbread House Kits. Some of the Kits have the label “Not available for Pickup” if they are not normally carried at stores. In that case you have to order online and have them shipped to your home.

Can I buy a Gingerbread House Kit at Walmart?

Buy gingerbread house kits during the holiday season at Walmart. The prices vary. Select an edible house or a craft only house. The website lets you purchase this item off-season. However, the options are limited, and there is no discounted price. Order a Wilton pre-baked gingerbread house for $17.29 and get free two-day shipping. There are other options listed on the website that is only available in the store during the holiday season.

Can I buy a Gingerbread House Kit at my local grocery store?

Sometimes you can buy one of these festive kits shortly after Halloween. Check for them in the candy aisle or holiday section of your local grocery store. You can also purchase any leftover kits right after the holiday season on clearance. Sometimes these kits have a long shelf life. An alternative option is to get all the supplies you need from the grocery store and create your gingerbread house from scratch.

Can I buy a Gingerbread House Kit through a school fundraiser?

Sometimes, the local school fundraisers offer specialty holiday sweets and other holiday items. Check out the holiday fundraising brochures for the possibility of a gingerbread house kit. This way supports your local community. Keep in mind that shipping may be longer than buying a kit a different way.

Where to Buy a Gingerbread House Kit Online

Can I buy a Gingerbread House Kit at Amazon?

You can definitely buy these products at Amazon. Explore the large, diverse gingerbread house kit collection. There is a special kit for anyone. Amazon is the best fit for you if you want different gingerbread house options. The prices range from $9-$30. Amazon also sells this product during off-seasons.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy a Gingerbread House Kit and that you are able to find these decorative and sometimes tasty kit at a store you like!





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