Where to Buy Wheatgrass

Where to Buy Wheat Grass

Last updated on August 24th, 2023

If you are trying to eat healthy you may be wondering Where to Buy Wheat Grass. Wheat grass comes from cotyledons or very early sprouting of wheat plants. These very early sprout do not look like wheay stalks but look like grass. Typically, wheat grass is sold in sprouts, a powder or juice form. Several physical stores and online stores carry wheat grass in a few forms.

Where to Buy Wheat Grass in Physical Stores

Can You Buy Wheat Grass at GNC?

GNC is well-known for carrying a variety of health-related products. This health food store keeps several brands of wheat grass in stock. From many top brands and even GNC’s brand, you will be able to find the right wheat grass product for you.

You Can Buy Wheat Grass at Walmart

Walmart has several brands of wheat grass to choose from. If your local Walmart doesn’t have the wheat grass you need, you can search via the Walmart website and get the product shipped directly to your home. Currently it does not seem like my local stores have any wheat grass products in stock.

Can I Get Wheat Grass at a Grocery Store or a Food Co-op?

Some grocery stores sell wheat grass and typically you can find it with the organic items. Also, if you have a food Co-op in your area, you may also find wheat grass there. You may be able to buy a square of fresh wheat grass.

You Can Get Wheat Grass at CVS

CVS has over 20 items of wheat grass. Whether you’re looking for powder or juice form, you can find it at CVS. If you don’t have a CVS nearby, you can order via the website.

Where to Buy Wheat Grass Online

Can You Buy Wheat Grass on Jet?

Jet, an online grocery store, has several options for wheat grass products. Jets carries different forms of wheat grass and they even have an organic type.

You Can Buy Wheat Grass on Amazon

With several options on Amazon, you can find almost any form you’re looking for. If you’re a prime member, you can receive your wheat grass in just two business days.

Can I Get Wheat Gras on Dr. Berg’s Website?

Along with several other health supplements, Dr. Berg sells wheat grass on his website. However, Dr. Berg doesn’t just sell any ordinary powder; the wheatgrass powder on his website is highly concentrated.

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