Where to Buy Sushi Grade Fish

Where to Buy Sushi Grade Fish

Last updated on July 15th, 2023

Where to buy Sushi Grade Fish is something if you are looking for a high quality fish. Sushi grade fish is the best sushi fish you can get. It is the best quality of fish since it goes through a standard of freezing and careful defrosting. Some companies offer high quality fish for sale online. Other businesses have fish available to purchase in person. To ensure maximum quality, check any reviews of the sushi grade fish suppliers. Yelp is a good resource for sushi grade fish reviews. Remain flexible about any in person fish purchase. That way you can get the freshest fish. Otherwise you run the risk of getting lower quality fish by only looking for one type of sushi grade fish. Refer to the FDA website for guidelines regarding sushi grade fish. Surprisingly asking your fish monger about the quality and freshness is a fair way to find if people are generally happy with certain selections. Below are some places locally and online to get sushi grade fish.

Where to Buy Sushi Grade Fish Locally

Can I buy Sushi grade fish at the local supermarket?

Many local supermarkets have sushi grade fish. Make sure that you don’t rush through the store selecting the first sushi fish you see. One tip is to check if the fish scales look shiny. Another tip is to do a smell test. The fish should smell more like the ocean water and less like a fishy smell. Another way to test the quality of the fish is to touch the fish and watch if it bounces back to original form. If it leaves a fingerprint and doesn’t bounce back, then you should avoid it. Pay attention to the eye as well. Check if the eye is slightly popping out. Avoid the fish if the eyes look like they are not popping out at all.

Where to Buy Sushi Grade Fish with Reviews from Yelp

There is a great option to buy great quality fish from several local markets in most cities and that is Sushi Markets on Yelp. We looked at some of the reviews of markets in New York, New York. There is a lot of good information here and you see some reviews from other shoppers. You can easily change the search to your local city and state and run a search.

Where to Buy Sushi Grade Online

Can I buy Sushi grade fish at Catalina Offshore Products?

This California based company CatalinaOP offers fish for sale online. Anyone in America can order sushi grade fish and have it overnighted. Select from over ten different seafood options. They also sell sushi home kits. Take advantage of any deals with the email membership program. Catalina Offshore products provides free shipping on orders over $300.

Can I buy Sushi grade fish at Sushi Nut?

Sushi Nut is another online fish marketplace.  There are ten sushi fish options and approximately ten sushi shellfish options. The inventory also includes sides and sauces. Shipping is free when you order over $100 in products. They offer a refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. No shipments are mailed out on the weekend. After you create an account you will be able to track your purchase through the online portal. They also send out email newsletters if you sign up.

Where to Buy at Honolulu Fish Company

Honolulu Fish Company (https://honolulufish.com) offers a range of enticing advantages for seafood enthusiasts. One of their key strengths is their commitment to providing exceptionally fresh and high-quality fish. With a direct connection to the Honolulu Fish Auction, they ensure that customers receive the freshest catches sourced directly from Hawaiian waters. Honolulu Fish Company is a unique and reliable online source of fresh seafood, which is why someone might choose to buy from their website. With a focus on high-quality, sustainably-sourced Hawaiian seafood, they offer a range of products, including sashimi-grade fish, shellfish, and prepared dishes. Honolulu Fish Company prides itself on providing the same quality fish to fine dining establishments as they offer on their website, ensuring customers receive only the freshest and best-tasting seafood available. Additionally, the website offers delivery options straight to the customer’s door, which can be a great convenience for those unable to find high-quality seafood in their local area. Overall, Honolulu Fish Company’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and convenience makes them a great choice for those looking to enjoy the best of Hawaiian seafood without leaving home.

Should you Buy Sushi Fish from SeafoodS.com?

Seafoods.com is the perfect place to order fresh seafood online. The website offers a wide range of seafood products that are all-natural and sustainably caught, making it an ethical and environmentally friendly choice for seafood lovers. The company is committed to providing premium seafood products and superior service to its customers. Unlike other seafood companies, they not only purchase fish but also catch it themselves, giving them a greater understanding of the seafood they sell. Additionally, Seafoods.com offers free shipping, providing another reason to choose them for all your seafood needs. Don’t out on the opportunity to enjoy high-quality, sustainably caught seafood delivered right to your doorstep by ordering from Seafoods.com.

Fish King Summary

Fish King Seafood is a reputable online retailer that has been providing high-quality seafood products to customers across the United States for over 70 years. They offer a wide range of fresh and frozen seafood products, such as salmon, shrimp, cod, and lobster, at affordable prices. Their products are sourced from sustainable fisheries using responsible fishing practices, ensuring that they are both delicious and environmentally friendly. Fish King Seafood also offers excellent customer service, including fast and reliable delivery, as well as a satisfaction guarantee on all products. Overall, if you’re looking for high-quality seafood products that are sustainably sourced, competitively priced, and backed by excellent customer service, Fish King Seafood is a great choice.

Get Sushi Supplies from Pure Food Fish Market

When looking for the finest sushi grade fish, FreshSeafood.com is a premier choice for many seafood enthusiasts. Their vast array of high-quality sushi grade fish, including Ahi Yellowfin Tuna, Albacore, Bluefin Tuna, Toro, Yellowtail, and more, ensures that customers enjoy the freshest seafood available. FreshSeafood.com takes great pride in providing fish that is freshly caught, cut to order, and shipped with ice cold gel packs to guarantee a cold, fresh delivery. With their overnight delivery service, customers can confidently savor every bite of their sushi experience, knowing they are consuming only the freshest fish on the market. FreshSeafood.com’s commitment to quality, convenience, and exceptional service make it the go-to destination for anyone looking to buy sushi grade fish online.


In conclusion, this buying guide on sourcing sushi-grade fish offers valuable guidance for seafood enthusiasts looking to buy high-quality, fresh sushi-grade fish. The page provides a thorough analysis of 6 reliable retailers, their selection of fish, and the safety measures they adhere to. With options ranging from well-known stores and online retailers to local markets, the guide ensures that customers can choose the best source based on their preferences and location. Summarizing the key aspects of purchasing sushi-grade fish, we hope this resource equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and have the finest seafood experience.

We hope you have enjoyed this Food buying article on Where to Buy Sushi Grade Fish and can find the best quality fish, rice, and nori paper you need for making sushi.





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