Where to Buy Rainbow Chip Frosting

Where to Buy Rainbow Chip Frosting

Rainbow Chip Frosting is back! It was discontinued for years but came back in the summer of 2015. This favorite frosting should be easy to find online and in person. Some places offer a combination of the frosting and a cake mix. Below are several stores where to buy rainbow chip frosting.

Where to Buy Rainbow Chip Frosting Locally

Can I buy Rainbow Chip Frosting at Walmart?

Walmart sells this popular product online and in stores. Some stores have a smaller selection than online. The website includes a gluten-free rainbow chip frosting. The selling price for this product is $1.50-$7.50.

Can I buy Rainbow Chip Frosting at Target?

Target does sell this frosting online and at your local Target locations. The frosting sells for $1.59. Target does not ship this frosting unless your total order is at least $25. You can also buy the matching Betty Crocker Rainbow chip cake mix.

Where to Find Rainbow Chip Frosting from Betty Crocker

The official Betty Crocker company website offers a zip code search to see what stores sell it near you. For example, Florida has a number of different stores that sell this specific frosting. The website also lists Amazon as an option if there are no local options. Discover facts about this frosting as well as delicious recipes on the Betty Crocker website.

Can I buy Rainbow Chip Frosting at my local grocery store?

Rainbow Chip Frosting is for sale at most grocery stores. The prices slightly vary. Discover this frosting in the cake mix shelf. Chain grocery stores typically have items like this at a competitive price. Some smaller run grocery stores might sell this frosting for a slightly higher price. Check for any local store coupons. Remember the Betty Crocker website lists stores near you that sell this festive frosting.

Where to Buy Rainbow Chip Frosting Online

You can get Rainbow Chip Frosting on eBay

There are about 15 options at the time of this writing of Betty Crocker’s revamped colorful cake decoration. Some of eBay listings are Buy it Now at a set price and some are traditional timed auctions. Be sure you know what type of listing you are bidding on if time is of the essence.

Where to Buy Rainbow Chip Frosting on Amazon

Amazon sells this frosting at a starting price of $1.50. Some of the options include a double cake mix bundle with the frosting for $23.97. There are some options for Amazon Fresh, Amazon Pantry, and Amazon Prime. This retailer also sells the microwave cake option that includes this specific type of frosting for $12.95. This is a good option if you are looking to get this delivered.

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