Where to Buy R2D2 Robot

Where To Buy R2D2 Robot

Are you sick of looking for where to buy R2D2 robot only to be told that the store you are in does not have the droids you are looking for? Well we know firsthand how hard it can be to track down one of the most iconic characters from Star Wars. While BB-8 may have stolen a little bit of R2D2’s thunder, the fact remains that getting a R2D2 is something that many people still really want to do. Well today we are sharing with you a few of the most obvious places you can track down a R2D2 and not have to deal with Storm Troopers while you do!

Can I Buy R2D2 At Toys R Us?

Toys R Us should certainly be one of the first places you look for R2D2. They have a great selection of R2D2 robots. Ranging from your basic action figures all the way to large radio controlled ones that look like they have leapt straight out of Luke’s X-Wing. One thing that makes Toys R Us a good place to look is that you cannot only order online. You can also check your local stores or stores that are close to your family members. Toys R Us is one of the biggest stockers of Star Wars toys so be sure to look here. Buy if you are looking for the R2D2 Smart App enabled robot that is hot in the fall of 2016 you cannot find that toy at Toys R Us because it is a Walmart exclusive at least right now.

Where to Buy R2D2 Robot At Walmart?

Is there anything Walmart does not sell? There are many different R2D2 products for sale at Walmart. But one of the main reasons this should be one of the first places you check for a R2D2 is that Walmart actually have some exclusive Star Wars products. One of these just so happens to be “Smart” R2D2 that can be connected to a phone or tablet and then sent on all kinds of fun missions. This is sure to be a huge hit for any Star Wars fan and should be one of the first R2D2’s that you look at. Walmart will deliver to your door and they will also let you know if your local store has them in stock.

Can I Buy R2D2 At Disney Store?

Not Currently. Disney do own Star Wars now and Disney Store has a ton of different R2D2 products. Which just so happen to include a couple of actual R2D2 robots that Star Wars fans will just love. But at the time of the writing of this guide they do not sell this or an equivalent. But in the future they may since Disney actually have a lot of exclusive Star Wars products that you cannot get anywhere else.

Where to buy R2D2 Robot on Amazon

The Smart App R2D2 Robots seems to be a Walmart exclusive so it is easiest and cheapest to get it there but you can often get “gray-market” items on Amazon. It seems this toy is no different and these are available for about $10 more than Walmart.

Where to Buy R2D2 Robot On EBay

If you are looking for a R2D2 robot then EBay may very well be your best bet. We mentioned before about store exclusives. Well if you want one of these, most stores like Disney Store do not have these at all. Then EBay will most likely have one. Just be prepared to pay a rather erratic asking price for it as Star Wars merchandise can go for a lot of money on EBay. As of this writing this is the 12th best selling toy on Ebay.

You Can Buy R2D2 At Your Local Toy & Comic Book Store

Since this is a Walmart exclusive you most likely cannot find these in a local small store. That is unless the store owner bought these from Walmart or a gray marketplace like Ebay or Amazon.

Tips For Buying R2D2

First thing make sure you have Republic Credits as Jawa’s do not accept cash. Also be sure to pass any messages you get from your R2 unit to Obi-Wan Kenobi as quickly as possible.
Star Wars items can sell out really quickly. If it is an R2D2 robot that has not come out you are after be sure to preorder as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy R2D2 Robot and can find this smart app enabled toy in time for the holidays.





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