Where to Buy Plasti Dip

Where To Buy Plasti Dip

Last updated on August 4th, 2023

Plasti Dip is a universal plastic paint that allows you to put a durable coating on virtually anything you can think of. Initially designed to cover tool handles, the use of Plasti Dip has grown and even includes covering a car in the plastic paint coating. Knowing where to buy Plasti Dip can make your search for this versatile paint product easier and faster. Here are some places to consider when you need to know Where to Buy Plasti Dip to cover your personal belongings and inanimate objects.

Where to Buy Plasti Dip Locally

Can I find this at Home Improvement Store?

Home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot offer Plasti Dip in an array of colors and finishes. They offer the plastic paint at a nominal price and have a good selection to choose from. You’ll also find other products that are in the Plasti Dip family nearby. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot offer Plasti Dip for purchase online. One advantage of shopping in a home improvement center is other painting materials like masking paper and tape you may need.

Can I get at a Hardware Store?

Hardware stores such as Ace Hardware and True Value also offer a good collection of Plasti Dip for you to use in your home or craft projects. Plasti Dip is located in the paint section of these stores and is offered in a large range of colors, finishes, and surface types. You’ll be able to find the exact Plasti Dip you are looking for at a hardware store. You can also buy Plasti Dip online from Ace Hardware and True Value.

Can I Buy Plasti Dip From An Auto Parts Store

Because the use of Plasti Dip has caught on with car enthusiasts, you should find this product at an auto parts store such as Pep Boys. This store has a good offering of Plasti Dip and it is priced at a fair value. As of 8/2023 the search on Pep Boys site does not allow searching. I suggest calling if you have a Pep Boys is near and you want to shop there.

Can I Buy Plasti Dip From Blaine’s Farm & Fleet?

If you have some other shopping to do and live in the midwest you may want to head to Blaine’s Farm & Fleet to pick up the Plasti Dip you are looking for. Blaine’s keeps Plasti Dip in the paint section of the store and you will find that it comes in a series of colors and finishes that will make your dipping project unique. Don’t forget to visit Blaine’s website to also find Plasti Dip products. They have 38 locations in 3 states but also sell online.

Can I Buy Plasti Dip From Walmart?

The easiest place to locate Plasti Dip when you are in need of other items for your dipping project is to head to Walmart as it has everything you need to get underway dipping. The store stocks Plasti Dip in its paint department and has a good collection of colors available, so you’ll be sure to find what you need. The convenience of Walmart makes it an ideal spot to find Plasti Dip. It also offers Plasti Dip on its website for purchase.

Where to Buy Plasti Dip Online

You can get Plasti Dip from Amazon

As usual Amazon has a great selection of paint products and Plasti Dip in particular. At the time of this writing I am seeing 228 items on an Amazon search for Plasti Dip. There are so many selections you may need to filter more on color, size or brand.

As you can see Plasti Dip is available at a variety of retailers located in your area. Keep in mind that you always have the option to buy online if you can’t find the specific finish or color of Plasti Dip that you are looking for. Try these retailers when you are searching for Plasti Dip.

We hope you enjoyed this article on Where To Buy Plasti Dip and can find this useful paint product for your next automotive project. If you liked this article please consider reading our other automotive buying guides.





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