Where to Buy Pistachio Butter

Where to Buy Pistachio Butter

If you are looking for the new super foods you may be wondering where to buy pistachio butter. The butter is made by grinding the pistachios a number of times at a low temperature to keep the nuts raw and the health benefits high. There are many types of nut butter on the market, but pistachio butter currently offers more nutrients per serving than any of its competitors. Why spend hours making this nutritious super food yourself when you can buy Pistachio butter in so many different store.

Where to buy Pistachio Butter Locally

Can I buy pistachio butter at a specialty grocery?

The best and easiest place to find pistachio butter in your local area is going to be at a specialty grocery store. Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s are just two examples of stores that carry this kind of specialty item and pistachio butter has found its way onto the shelves of both stores. Trader Joe’s in particular has a whole range of butters (from pistachio to pumpkin) and as well as being nutritious and healthy their pistachio butter is also very reasonably priced.

Can I buy pistachio butter at Walmart?

Walmart is a good place to buy many things, but one area that it tends to be weak is specialty grocery items. If pistachio butter continues to grow in popularity then it may end up on Walmart’s shelves, but for now this item is unavailable both online and in stores.

Where to Buy Pistachio Butter Online

Can I buy pistachio butter at Target?

Target tends to be a little more on the pulse that Walmart when it comes to specialty items as it is a little higher end. Even so, at this point there is no pistachio butter to be found at Target.

You can buy pistachio butter on Amazon?

As will seemingly every other product in existence you can find it on Amazon. Pistachio butter is found on the pistachio nuts section of their website, so you may have to search through some other pistachio based products if you do not do a direct search. As of writing there are over 300 results for pistachio butter on the Amazon website, so there are a large variety of products to choose from. Even better news is that a number of the products are Prime eligible, meaning no cost to ship and arrival on your doorstep in a couple of days at most.

You can buy pistachio butter on etsy?

Etsy might not be the first place you think of when looking for pistachio butter as it is primarily a website used for crafts and jewelry. There are sellers on etsy though that specialize in different things and one area is food. One such seller is The Pistachio Factory, a business based in California that specializes in pistachio products. They offer pistachio butter in a number of varieties (raw, roasted, etc.) and it is one of the cheaper places out there where you will find such a selection.

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